She-Hulk's Ending Can Set Up An Armor Wars Reveal

The ending of Titania’s arc in the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season finale can help set up the story for Armor Wars. Starring Don Cheadle as War Machine, Armor Wars is one of several Disney+ shows on the slate for the Multiverse Saga. The series is among the many confirmed MCU projects that Marvel can lay the building blocks for in Phase 4’s She-Hulk show.

For now, not much is known about Marvel’s plans for Armor Wars. However, it is known that the series is tied directly to the comic event of the same name. In the pages of Iron Man in the 1980s, Marvel Comics told a story that pitted Tony Stark against numerous heroes and villains suspected of stealing his armor designs. Determined to keep his technology out of the wrong hands, Iron Man went up against friend and foe alike in an effort to fulfill his goal. With Stark dead in the MCU, Marvel obviously can’t deliver a comic-accurate adaptation, but it can still find a way to tell the story. It seems that instead of Iron Man, War Machine will be the lead character in Disney+’s Armor Wars show.


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Exactly what will set War Machine’s mission to protect Iron Man’s legacy in motion in Armor Wars hasn’t been revealed, but She-Hulk has the potential to provide a big clue. In the comic book version of the story, Titania was one of the criminals locked up in the Vault, a prison built for containing super-powered villains. A breakout forced Captain America to try to round up escaped prisoners like Titania, Mr. Hyde, and Griffin. Much to Steve’s frustration, the escape was caused by Iron Man’s decision to attack the guards. Known as the Guardsmen, the guards wore armor designed by Stark himself. If She-Hulk ends with Titania’s defeat, she too could be sent to the Vault, which could help pave the way for a major Armor Wars connection.

How She-Hulk Has Armor Wars' Perfect Setup

When Titania Becomes Threat In She-Hulk Attorney At Law 1

Using Titania to set up Armor Wars makes a lot of sense for Marvel's She-Hulk show, especially since it’s not an obvious route to take, nor should it be difficult to do. Unless Titania takes an unexpected path in the series, her story should end with her being put behind bars, which could be the perfect place for a She-Hulk post-credits scene set in the Vault. Officially introducing the Vault and the Guardsman would provide the MCU with an opportunity to lay the foundation for Armor Wars, because it’s here where it could be revealed that that Iron Man’s armors were mass-produced after Stark’s death.

Such a reveal in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law would be huge, especially since the Guardsman are a key element of the “Armor Wars” event. Of course, multiple characters served as Iron Man’s enemies in the comics, but the Guardsmen were particularly important because fighting them is what set off Captain America and subsequently angered the other heroes of the Marvel Universe. If the MCU moves in a similar direction, the conflict in Armor Wars would risk evolving into a second MCU Civil War.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law releases new episodes on Thursdays on Disney+.

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