She-Hulk Created Its Own Daredevil Problem For No Reason

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’s handling of its Daredevil appearance created an unnecessary problem for itself. Played by Charlie Cox, Matt Murdock is confirmed to follow up his MCU cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home with a guest-starring role in Jennifer Walters’ Disney+ show. What’s not clear, though, is exactly when it will happen.

Of course, options for his introduction are limited at this point, especially since Marvel only has two She-Hulk episodes left to release. He’ll either appear in episode 8 and possibly have a two-part arc on the show, or wind up being held for the season finale. What his role actually is remains to be seen, but his arrival is certainly not something that Marvel has kept a secret. Daredevil, in-costume, was featured in a trailer for the show prior to the release of the series premiere. Then, in She-Hulk episode 5, the show set up his inevitable cameo with a shot of his new yellow helmet, which confirms that the Man Without Fear is already in town.


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The inclusion of Charlie Cox's Daredevil is without question a major point of excitement regarding the series, which is why his continued absence has generated a sizable amount of criticism for the series. Fans on social media are supposedly hate-watching the show and incessantly complaining about how Marvel is prolonging his guest appearance. The popularity of both the Marvel Comics character himself and Charlie Cox’s portrayal of him in the Netflix show have built so much enthusiasm for his She-Hulk role that Marvel’s decision to reserve him for one (or both) of the last two episodes has proven to be a disappointment.

She-Hulk Created Its Own Daredevil Mess

She-Hulk Daredevil Mask

Admittedly, the series is Jennifer Walters’ show first and firstmost, so if Marvel hadn’t spoiled Daredevil’s involvement in the story, there wouldn’t be so many unmet expectations in this case. After all, the marketing leaned heavily into Daredevil and further added to the hype with the mask reveal. Had Marvel opted against teasing Daredevil early, this entire situation and the criticism aimed at this particular issue could have been avoided entirely. If it had kept Daredevil a secret, it could have delivered a massive and truly special reveal. As for the lost marketing opportunity, word of mouth would have quickly made up for it.

Unfortunately, whatever She-Hulk does with him won’t be able to erase the frustration that’s already formed among fans who’ve been waiting all season for Daredevil, but it does create a greater need for him to make a big impact on the show’s last two episodes. While it may come later than some would like, Daredevil still has time to enjoy a thrilling team-up with She-Hulk both on the streets and in the courtroom. And perhaps as an added silver living, whatever She-Hulk: Attorney At Law does with Daredevil will only be a small part of what appears to be a loaded plate of MCU content for the character. After the show, he’ll be back in Echo and his own solo series, Daredevil: Born Again.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law releases new episodes on Thursdays on Disney+.

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