Shaggy's Best Signature Perks in MultiVersus

One of the first revealed characters in Warner Bros. platform fighting game Multiversus was the wacky Scooby-snack enthusiast Shaggy from the iconic Scooby-Doo cartoon. Alongside other MultiVersus characters like DC Comics Batman, Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes, and even Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, Shaggy unleashes a mysterious power to contend in this whimsical crossover game. Players that level up Shaggy gain access to two Signature Perks that grant even more strength to the unlikely brawler.


The most straightforward character in MultiVersus, Shaggy combines simple-to-understand attacks with a chargeable Rage mechanic that heightens all of his other abilities. A true beast capable of using overwhelming offense to knock out foes, Shaggy does not have additional mechanics other than what is intrinsic to him. Players may find Shaggy a great character to unlock first due to how he teaches the fundamentals of MultiVersus without requiring focus on too many functions. With high damage and average mobility, Shaggy can be a simple but effective character that holds their own in single or team-based battles.

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Another example of Shaggy's hidden power lies in how their upgrades are structured. As players progress with Shaggy in MultiVersus, they acquire Perks to enhance certain moves and apply passive effects. Signature Perks are exclusive to individual characters, bolstering bread and butter options to become more dangerous for opponents. Although Shaggy may only gain two selectable Signature Perks, each are some of the best to learn.

The Best Signature Perks To Equip As Shaggy

Batman and Shaggy, MultiVersus

One of the first Signature Perks players unlock as Shaggy at Mastery Level 8 is One Last Zoinks. For a time, players can only use this Perk as the next one does not become available until Mastery Level 10. The subsequent Signature Perk is called Hangry Man.

Unleash Rage with One Last Zoinks

Without a doubt, Shaggy's strongest trait lies in his Rage status, which can normally be achieved by holding the neutral Special button. Once actively in this state, Shaggy displays a golden aura that makes his other special moves gain additional properties, making it one of Shaggy's best strategies. For example, his Down Special attack in the air (Like, C'Mere Man!) spawns an extra shockwave after the normal downward striking impact if Shaggy has Rage active. Allies also receive the Enraged passive effect, which allows them to apply maximum stacks of Weakness to their next attacks. Enemies with Weakened are susceptible to knockouts at earlier percentages and take more damage overall.

The Signature Perk One Last Zoinks puts Shaggy in Rage mode once his damage percent reaches or exceeds 100. Players with this Perk no longer have to manually charge the move or worry about opponents trying to interrupt their plans to activate this humorous Shaggy meme. Although the dangers of being at such a high damage value should be kept in mind, players that struggle to gain the bonus of Rage during a match should consider this Perk as a way to balance an otherwise unfavorable situation.

Hangry Man Sacrifices Range For Power

Shaggy powering up on the treehouse in MultiVersus

The only projectile Shaggy uses in MultiVersus comes in the form of a sandwich he can equip before throwing by using his down Special attack on the ground. Players can throw this sandwich at enemies as a way of making up for Shaggy's admittedly lackluster ranged options. During Rage, Shaggy's sandwich also gains power, becoming the much larger super sandwich that travels further and deals more damage to foes. Powerful projectiles can be an incredible asset in MultiVersus, as seen on occasion with Signature Perks on Iron Giant that charge his unique Rage mode.

However, getting into Shaggy's Rage mode may be more challenging, since it usually must be entered manually. With the Signature Perk Hangry Man, Shaggy can consume his sandwich in exchange for Rage instantly, mitigating the need to charge into it. While sacrificing a projectile might seem foolhardy, the benefits players receive with Rage hardly makes the decision a difficult one. The ability to swiftly enter Rage can turn the tide of battle in the player's favor at the cost of some range afforded to them, allowing Shaggy to content with faster characters such as Finn the Human or Bugs Bunny.

With the right tools to enter Rage consistently, Shaggy allows players to unleash truly powerful attacks that can change the course of each fight easily. The Signature Perks that grant Shaggy Rage in various ways overcomes one of the major weaknesses of the character and elevates his gameplay. Players who underestimate Shaggy in MultiVersus might find this particular Bruiser to be a bigger mystery than they can handle.

MultiVersus is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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