Seth Rogen & Disney Partnering On New Film About Figment

Disney's EPCOT mascot Figment is getting his own feature film from Point Grey Pictures. Figment is the star of Disney's Journey Into Imagination The ride takes guests into The Imagination Institute where they discover how imagination interacts with the five human senses. Before the tour can begin, Figment interrupts and begins to show his own version of the tour, filled with unbridled imagination. The ride then leads guests through all sorts of whimsical events as Figment shows everyone how fun imagination can be if they let it run wild.


Figment would not be the first time that a Disney ride has sparked a movie. The Pirates of the Caribbean film series was based on the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean Disney attraction and has become a fan favorite, getting several sequels since the movie's initial release. Other movies have taken inspiration from Disney rides, such as The Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise. Live-action movies like these take the premise of the original ride and expand upon them, giving them a narrative structure and engaging story to follow, often deviating from the ride's story in favor of a more structured plot.

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Deadline has reported that Figment is getting his own feature film. The movie will be produced by Seth Rogen and his production company Point Grey Pictures, whose projects include Long Shot and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. Writers of Pókemon Detective Pikachu Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit have also joined the project as writers.

What Figment's New Movie Could Be About


The original version of the Journey Into Imagination ride followed Dreamfinder, the collector of all things related to the imagination. While on the ride, he creates the purple dragon. Figment has shown up as Easter Eggs in Inside Out and Toy Story 4, so he may cross over with other Disney properties. The duo also has their own comic book, Disney Kingdoms: Figment, which this film could very well be based on. The comic is an action-packed adventure that delves deep into the human imagination. The two find themselves up against an enemy of Dreamfinder's imagination, one which wants to destroy humanity for its inability to conform. The comics could be a great source of inspiration for Point Grey Pictures, as most other Disney ride-to-movie films have had very high stakes like this story does.

Figment could also draw from the ride itself, as all the different versions of the ride offer content that could be fleshed out into a full story. With three different rides to look at, writers have many narratives and concepts that they could draw upon, paying homage to older versions of the ride while still keeping with what is currently at Disney's EPCOT. However, most live-action adaptations of rides do not stay close to the ride's narrative, so the movie could just be something out of Point Grey Picture's own imagination.

Source: Deadline