Rob Zombieā€™s Munsters Movie Makes Big Changes To Herman's Origins

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for The Munsters (2022).The creation of the iconic Herman Munster in Rob Zombieā€™s The Munsters movie includes several major differences from the original sitcom. The patriarch of the title family, Herman Munster is inspired by the classic Frankensteinā€™s monster, with the rest of the Transylvanian characters also taking inspiration from stories like Dracula, The Wolf Man, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Considering Herman is based on Frankensteinā€™s monster, his origins and the circumstances of his creation are quite similar in the sitcom, but Rob Zombieā€™s The Munsters prequel is less faithful to the source.


The Munstersā€™ 1960s TV show revealed that Herman was created by the original Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who even gave Herman away at his wedding to Lily. According to the sitcom, Herman was created in a German lab in the 1800s, and he wasnā€™t the only monster that the Frankenstein family created. Itā€™s unclear how Herman Munster got his name in the original Munsters show, but a visit from Dr. Victor Frankenstein IV reveals that his great-grandfatherā€™s other creations had names like Charlie and Johann. Despite a few key details being changed, The Munstersā€™ sitcom wrote Hermanā€™s origins to connect to the story from Universalā€™s Frankenstein movie.

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The origins of Herman Munster are quite different for Rob Zombieā€™s The Munsters character, especially in terms of how the iconic character received his name. The Munsters begins with the process behind Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang creating a man with his assistant Floop, with the experiment being performed in Transylvania rather than Germany. Once the creature is zapped to life, Floop gives him his first name ā€œHermanā€ after a pet spider he liked and the last name ā€œMunsterā€ after the cheese on his sandwich. Considering Herman isnā€™t created by Dr. Frankenstein and there are no other known models from the same blueprints, The Munsters movie is much further removed from Universalā€™s original monster story. In fact, Lily and The Count donā€™t even have the surname Dracula in Zombieā€™s prequel, indicating the 2022 movie largely dropped the original Munsters sitcomā€™s loose connections to the characters from the Universal Classic Monsters franchise.

Why Herman Was Never Called Frankensteinā€™s Monster In The Sitcom

Fred Gwynne in costume as Herman Munster

The Munstersā€™ 1960s TV show revealed that Herman was, in fact, created by Dr. Victor Frankenstein, but that heā€™s not the Frankensteinā€™s Monster. Rather, the original Frankensteinā€™s Monster was the scientistā€™s first creation who seemingly went by the name Johann, with Herman and his twin brother Charlie being later models based on Johannā€™s blueprints. As such, while Herman was technically a monster created by Frankenstein, he was not the original, so it was his ā€œcousinā€ Johann who likely received that moniker.

Unless Dr. Wolfgang and Floop make more creatures after The Munstersā€™ ending, then Rob Zombieā€™s adaptation leaves Herman without any direct family members. Rather, it seems that if a sequel to the 2022 movie is made, all of the Munstersā€™ extended family will have to be from Lily and The Countā€™s side. Itā€™s unclear why Rob Zombieā€™s The Munsters doesnā€™t include Hermanā€™s connection to Dr. Frankenstein, but the change in his origins effectively establishes the 2022 reboot as a separate entity from the beloved original sitcom.