Rings Of Power: Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Though, in the tradition of great fantasy, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is filled with sweeping vistas and grand, epic narrative, the truth is that it is the characters who really allow this series to shine. Whether Elf, Dwarf, Man, or Harfoot, these are the individuals who make the drama work; and with the question of 'who the stranger is' as well as what character is possibly masquerading as Sauron there is plenty still to be revealed.

As the main characters contend with the pressures of the Second Age, they all show various amounts of likability and charisma. While some of these characters have become instant fan favorites, others have left something to be desired, and the show is to be commended for giving such a wide array of personalities.


10/10 Galadriel

Galadriel looking at the light of Valinor

By the time that The Lord of the Rings takes place, Galadriel is one of the most powerful beings in Middle-earth. Though she is quite formidable in The Rings of Power, she is quite headstrong and very willing to pursue her desire for vengeance long past the point where she has alienated many of those closest to her.

She can at times be a bit unlikable, but that is the point. She is someone who is more than willing to sacrifice her personal relationships on the altar of justice. For her, likability is a worthy trade for doing what is right.

9/10 Arondir

Arondir the elf holding a torch in The Rings of Power

Arondir is one of the best original characters in this story. Though there is something enigmatic about him, he still shows that he has a truly good heart, particularly when it comes to defending Bronwyn and the other people who inhabit the Southlands.

What’s more, he is also a very strong fighter, someone who will willingly put himself in harm's way if it means that others might not be hurt. Thus, it is very easy to admire him as an individual, even if there is also something about him that resists easy classification.

8/10 Isildur

Isildur looking intently in The Rings of Power

Isildur is one of the most (in)famous characters in Tolkien lore. He is the one, after all, who couldn’t bring himself to destroy the One Ring and so ensured it would survive to plague many others. In The Rings of Power, however, he is still young and idealistic and headstrong, but there’s no denying that he is also quite charismatic.

And, as he shows numerous times, he cares deeply about his friends–and even some of his enemies–even as he is also driven by his own visions and dreams. There is an idealism to his character that it is hard to resist.

7/10 Miriel

Miriel wearing her court garb in The Rings of Power

In some ways, Miriel’s position in the story is the most unenviable. Caught between the various factions at Numenor, she has to constantly try to figure out what is the right choice for her people. Though she can be cold at times, there is still much to like about her.

For example, she maintains a loyalty to her father, protecting his legacy while he is clearly fading and is not long for this world. Ultimately, she becomes a likable character precisely because she is not cynical but is instead someone who is loyal to her principles.

6/10 Elrond

Elrond crouching outside in The Rings of Power

In The Lord of the Rings, Elrond emerges as one of the most powerful Elves. In The Rings of Power he is still relatively young, and he has yet to see the defeats that end the Second Age. He is thus very charismatic, though at times somber.

What makes him especially likable is his friendship with the Dwarf Durin. There is such an obvious bond between them that it is hard not to fall under their spell. And, as he shows with his adherence to his oath to the Dwarf, he is someone who takes both his honor and friendship very seriously.

5/10 Elendil

Elendil on the deck of his ship

Though Men aren’t the most powerful races of Middle-earth, during The Rings of Power those of Numenor are still at the height of their power. Of these, Elendil is definitely one of the most likable. He not only has a strong loyalty to the Elves; he also shows a willingness to help Galadriel when almost no one else will.

To top it off, he also clearly loves his son Isildur, even though the latter can be quite a challenge. It’s easy to see why he will become one of those who will lead the charge against Sauron once the latter begins to rise in Middle-earth.

4/10 Durin

Durin walking in Khazad Dum in The Rings of Power

From the moment he appeared, it was obvious that Durin was going to be one of this series’ most likable characters. He is, at times, gruff, but it’s clear from the way that he looks at Elrond that he cares deeply for the Elf, and he also clearly loves and respects his wife Disa.

There is, moreover, something more than a little irascible about the Dwarf, evident in the way that he tweaks the Elves for their dignity. Durin is no fool, however, and it is also very clear that he has a sharp and keen intelligence.

3/10 Disa

Disa looking serious in Rings of Power

Durin’s wife Disa is another beloved character from this series. Like her husband, she is full of good cheer, and she is particularly welcoming to Elrond. At the same time, she is also loyal to Durin and to the Dwarves more generally.

The obvious love between the two Dwarves is tremendously endearing, and the ease with which Disa moves through the world makes her instantly appealing. Like her husband, however, Disa also contains multitudes and, as she makes clear with her misdirection of Elrond, she will always do what she thinks is right for her people and for her beloved.

2/10 Poppy

Poppy Proudfellow in Rings of Power

The Hobbits are, of course, one of the most endearing things about The Lord of the Rings, so it makes sense they would put in an appearance in The Rings of Power. Here, they are the Harfoots, a migrating people. Of these, Poppy is one of the main characters.

While she may not be as adventurous as her best friend, Nori, she still has initiative of her own. Just as importantly, she is also steadfastly loyal to her friend, and it is this willingness to stick by her, through thick and thin, that makes her one of this series’ most likable characters.

1/10 Nori

Nori Brandyfoot smiling in Rings of Power

In some ways, Nori is the Rings of Power counterpart to Frodo of The Lord of the Rings. Like Frodo, she yearns for some form of adventure and, like him, she has a very good heart.

She makes this immediately obvious when she takes the Stranger under her wing, even though she knows nothing about him. She is the type of person who will always do what she can to help others, even though doing so might not be to her own advantage. She also has an innate charisma that makes her incredibly and irresistibly charming.

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