Return to Monkey Island: How to Get a Disguise (& Trick the Quartermaster)

In order to board LeChuck’s ship in Return to Monkey Island, the player will have to get a disguise and trick the Quartermaster. When attempting to sign onto LeChuck’s crew, after discovering that a trip won’t be funded, Guybrush is recognized and immediately turned away. It takes a little more work to get to Monkey Island than it first seems. LeShip’s Quartermaster, Iron Rose, is a staunch and scrutinizing pirate. The player will have to trek across Melee island, visiting with many friends along the way, to collect all the items needed to board the ship.


Return to Monkey Island’s release date has been highly anticipated by fans of the Monkey Island adventure saga. The game picks up after LeChuck’s Revenge, continuing the story of Guybrush Threepwood’s incredible feats as a pirate. In the opening introduction of this adventure, Guybrush’s rambunctious son questions if he ever did find the secret of Monkey Island. Always quick to tell a story he launches into the tale of how he did, starting on the pirate island Melee. The first task he was faced with, he explains, was getting back to Monkey Island when nobody would fund his trip.

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An important first step to getting on LeChuck’s boat is making an apology to Governor Carla for forgetting to return a book to her. No regular apology will do, only the use of Return to Monkey Island’s forgiveness frog item. The frog, along with several other items the player will need, can be purchased from The International House of Mojo. The Voodoo Lady who runs the shop is a returning character who has helped Guybrush on many occasions, and this is no exception. After obtaining the frog, a very specific apology needs to be inscribed before gifting it to Carla. If the apology is right, Carla begrudgingly allows books from her library to be borrowed. It’s here that the player picks up a recipe book that the chef at the Scumm Bar needs, which also conveniently serves as a distraction.

Disguise Locations In Return To Monkey Island

How To Use The Forgiveness Frog In Return To Monkey Island

The Scumm Bar is important for many reasons, one of them being a book that collects Monkey Island trivia cards from locations throughout the map of Return to Monkey Island. Another pertinent reason is that it begins the quest for Guybrush’s very own mop. Speaking with the chef of the Scumm Bar about his mop will yield information about how the player can build the mop needed for Guybrush’s disguise. The chef speaks of a mop handle tree that has to be found and carved up, which the cartographer can make a map to. However, the cartographer needs a sliver of wood from a mop in order to make the appropriate map. To get the sliver, the player has to wait for a fancy customer to come to the Scumm Bar and then give Carla's recipe book to the chef. This distraction allows for a moment to take a knife to the chef’s mop and collect a sliver of wood.

If Elaine in Return to Monkey Island was playable, there would likely be a much more straightforward way to get a mop. Given Guybrush’s eclectic solutions to problems, there is a long trek through the forest to create a special mop. Once the player has a mop handle, they can combine it with a sponge, a stuffed animal, a tangle of string, or a shrunken head to create the mop. Then it’s only a matter of stealing Jon Lanay’s magical eyepatch from The Museum of Pirate Lore to complete the disguise. The eyepatch is locked up in a display case, with a curator and a parrot to guard it.

Stealing Jon Lanay’s eyepatch is a great example of Return to Monkey Island’s puzzle-solving mechanics. As with any point-and-click adventure game, the key is exploring the map and collecting the right items. To lift the eyepatch, the player has to have the locksmith make a key to the display case and find some crackers to feed the guard parrot. Making the key requires the serial number on the lock, which can be seen if two of the cartographer's monocles are taken and combined to examine the lock. Once the player has the number, they can take it to the locksmith to have a key made, much like Otis' jail cell. Also in the Museum of Pirate Lore is a box of cracker mix that’s hiding in the store room. The cracker mix can be traded to the locksmith for the crackers that sit in front of her parrot, allowing the player to use them for the curator's parrot.

How to get a disguise to trick the quartermaster in Return to Monkey Island
Return to Monkey Island: How to Get a Disguise (&Trick the Quartermaster)

Return to Monkey Island’s reprised character The Voodoo Lady is once again a helping hand. The only problem with the eyepatch is that its magic needs to be restored. The Voodoo Lady is happy to do so if she’s appropriately paid for her services and is brought a special item to imbue the eyepatch with. Specifically, she asks for The Bite of a Thousand Needles which is supposed to be a highly magical relic. However, one of the forest’s carnivorous plants that the player can harvest using the knife will do. Once the eyepatch has been through The Voodoo Lady’s experienced hands, it can magically disguise Guybrush as a zombie. Approaching Iron Rose with the eyepatch on and the mop ready to go is the surefire way to get onto LeChuck’s ship as a swabbie.

New games like Return to Monkey Island and Life of Delta revive the point-and-click game style of the 90s, bringing a whole era of adventure RPG into modern gaming. The unique puzzle-solving nature of a point-and-click game presents a familiar challenge that hadn’t yet been truly revamped. With this resurgence, many players are able to see a fun style of game from their past with modernized graphics and enjoy them all over again. Getting a disguise and tricking the Quartermaster in Return to Monkey Island perfectly represents the nostalgia of this style of game, requiring the player to find the right clues to solve the puzzle.