RE Characters Who Can Reappear As Villains In Resident Evil 9

Resident Evil 9 has the perfect opportunity to bring back some fan-favorite characters as villains. In a move resembling what happened to Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 5, Capcom could reintroduce previous heroes that fought restlessly against bioterrorism as main antagonists of the story, having changed their ways of battle through incorporating what they fought against for so long. This would allow the game’s story to become even more fascinating and surprising, and with the lore revealed by Resident Evil Village, there are many characters that could fit the position of villains of RE9.


[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the of Resident Evil series.]One of the main unanswered questions of Resident Evil Village is regarding the second last cutscene. In it, Chris Redfield and his team discover that the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), a fictional organization dedicated to fighting bioterrorism, is actively using bioweapons during combat. This way, instead of sending human soldiers into battle to risk their lives, they fabricate their own highly resistant weapons. However, many of the series’ main characters are known to be associated with the BSAA. While it could be later revealed that they had joined Chris when he started working at Blue Umbrella, it is also likely that they could return to the series as villains.

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While many of these characters are allies of Chris, such as Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers, when given the right motives, they can become completely ruthless villains that could challenge even the likes of Albert Wesker, who could also return in RE9. However, it’s not only BSAA associates that can be turned into main villains, but old characters of the series, such as Leon Kennedy and Mia Winters, may also reappear as antagonists, given that these organizations, as well as bioweapons, have caused them immense harm, giving them the perfect motive to return.

Jill Valentine Could Return As A Tired Hero In Resident Evil 9

Jill Valentine could return as a villain in RE9.

In Resident Evil 5, it was revealed that Jill Valentine had been coerced into helping Albert Wesker defeat Chris Redfield after a near-death experience. However, a role in Resident Evil 9 could be completely different. Instead of being forced to help the antagonists, she could become a main villain herself, too focused on combating who she sees as doing terrible things and not seeing the hypocrisy in fighting bioterrorism with bioweapons of her own.

This is also a perfect opportunity to create interesting character development for her if Resident Evil 9 brings Jill Valentine back, as she faces the endless battle she’s been involved in ever since the Spencer Mansion. Her exhaustion due to this could have encouraged her to use bioweapons of her own, to be sure that the people she’s fighting against don’t make others suffer ever again. Jill might see no other way to prevent even more deaths and continue this battle without abandoning some of her previous morals, making her return to the series even more emotional.

RE9 Could Introduce A Mastermind Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca Chambers could return to Resident Evil as an evil mastermind.

Rebecca Chambers has individual appearances spread throughout the series, but she’s another core BSAA member who could come back as a significant villain in Resident Evil 9. While she had scarce experience in combat, her experience as a scientist for the BSAA could have been very useful when creating bioweapons for combat purposes, giving her the possibility to become the cunning mastermind behind such creations. This would make the return of this lost character in RE9 become even more iconic, giving her more importance than she ever had before in the series as a ruthless villain.

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This image of Rebecca as the sweet, young member of the old S.T.A.R.S. team that has been in place so far could be destroyed if this was her return in Resident Evil 9, as well as turn her into a more appreciated character of the franchise. Rebecca has scarce appearances through the franchise, and, while she could just have been coerced or manipulated by someone else when making this weapon, giving her a ruthless personality as a villain would make her stand out from other characters like her, such as Sheva Alomar and Barry Burton.

Leon Kennedy Could Be The New Ada Wong Of RE9

Leon Kennedy could take on a role similar to Ada Wong's in future Resident Evil games.

While, to many fans, Resident Evil 8 needed to bring back Leon, Resident Evil 9 has a great opportunity to reintroduce this lost hero to the series as a villain. Much like Jill and Chris, Leon has been stuck in the battlefield for too long, having had to witness terrible things happening to the people he cared about, which might have impacted how he sees the world. And, with the BSAA now actively using bioweapons in combat and the government’s history in housing dangerous scientists like Derek Simmons, Leon’s function might have changed over the years.

Considering the circumstances of his complicated relationship with Ada Wong, Leon is the perfect candidate to take her function in the next Resident Evil game. Using bioweapons in combat requires a good deal of samples and scientific resources to make them, and Leon might be the person providing them with these resources, much like Ada Wong was doing while working for Wesker. Considering that he lost many of his colleagues during previous fights, he might think that using bioweapons instead of soldiers is a good way to prevent more deaths, making him another candidate to appear on the opposing side to Chris’ battle.

Mia Winters, From Concerned Mother To Ruthless Villain

Resident Evil 9 could turn Mia Winters from a concerned mother to ruthless villain.

While Mia Winters had a lesser role in the Resident Evil games so far, her contributions in the two most recent installments are remarkable enough for her to return as a villain. In both, she had been captured and used as a mere tool against her family and the people she cared about. Eveline had her outright attack her husband, Ethan Winters, while Mother Miranda, Resident Evil Village’s influential villain, kidnapped her and took her place to gain access to her daughter. Now, Mia has recently become a widow and has a daughter with great powers to raise, and she might be growing tired of her family being used for greater plots.

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While Mia sees Rose first as her daughter and then as a powerful entity, this might not be the case with Blue Umbrella and the BSAA in general. Judging by Rose’s dislike of the agent that was handling her in the final scenes of Resident Evil Village, it might be the case that she is being treated as if she’s subhuman or merely a bioweapon without her own individuality. Facing the pain her daughter is dealing with, Mia might become completely against the efforts of Blue Umbrella, instead opting to oppose them to try to prevent what happened to her late husband.

The upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC is setting up RE9 in various ways and any theories about Rose’s childhood, what the role was that Blue Umbrella played in her life, and how Mia’s behavior might have been affected could be answered. But the return of Mia, as well as these other iconic characters of the franchise, as main antagonists for Chris and Rose to face could be one of the greatest developments in the franchise’s story so far. For now, fans can only theorize about the future of the franchise and excitedly wait to see what will be in Resident Evil 9, and which of their theories will be confirmed.