Pokémon SV's Wiglett - Diglett Regional Variant Or New Evolution

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  • Nintendo confirms Wiglett is a Water-type Pok√©mon.

A new video for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has revealed Wiglett, and although it appears to be a new evolution or regional form of Diglett, it isn't. A variant of Diglett is one of the many new Pokémon rumored for Scarlet and Violet for some time, but this is the first time its true name and appearance have been shown. Scarlet and Violet release on November 18, leaving less than two months before fans will be able to capture Wiglett and many others.


Regional forms were introduced in Pokémon's Gen 7, the Alola region. They're variants of existing Pokémon that have moved from their home region to a different one, and have had to adapt to the challenges of their new environment as a result. They typically either gain new types or have their old ones replaced. Rattata and Raticate, for example, became Dark-type after migrating from Kanto to Alola. A new variant of Wooper was revealed for Scarlet and Violet in August, confirming that this concept would continue in Gen 9. However, there are rumors of new variation gimmicks in addition to regional forms.

Related: Which Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Starter Is Best (Based Only On Design)Instead of another Gen 1 regional variant Pokémon, Wiglett is something called a Convergent Species, also referred to as a Regional Fake. This concept has been a prominent rumor surrounding Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for quite some time, and the new trailer shared by Serebii marks the first hard evidence of its existence. Although it hasn't been explicitly called a Convergent Species, the trailer does state that Wiglett is a completely separate Pokémon from Diglett, which matches up with what the rumors say about them.

How Pokémon's Convergent Species Are Different From Regional Variants

Pokemon SV Wiglett

In terms of gameplay and battle mechanics, Convergent Species differ from regional variants in that they are entirely removed from the Pokémon they're meant to resemble. This means that they have new names and Pokédex numbers, and may have entirely different stats and movesets. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's Regional Fakes also aren't mutually exclusive, as screenshots shared by Serebii have revealed that Diglett's standard form is also in the game. Lastly, Convergent Species' types are far more different from those of their inspirations, as Wiglett is purportedly Water-Type, which is a far cry from Diglett's Ground typing.

There are also conceptual differences between regional variants and Convergent Species. Convergent Species only resemble their inspirations due to both sharing similar environments, and are still different species, which mimics real-life convergent evolution. Wiglett and Diglett, for example, both dig through the ground, so they evolved to have similar biology, but one didn't come from the other the same way Alola Diglett did from Kanto Diglett.

It's also possible that Pokémon SV's Convergent Species will be more different than they appear to be. Pokémon has not yet made an official statement regarding Wiglett, nor has it officially confirmed Convergent Species. Therefore, there could be more aspects to the concept that haven't been addressed by the rumors, and it might even have an entirely different name. Hopefully, Pokémon has its own presentation on the topic soon, one that fully outlines Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's Convergent Species and perhaps even reveals the second rumored variant, a Grass-Type mushroom-like version of Tentacool.


Nintendo confirms Wiglett is a Water-type Pokémon.

A tweet from the official Nintendo UK Twitter account has confirmed that Wiglett is a Water-type "Garden Eel Pokémon", jokingly adding that "any resemblance to Diglett is said to be purely coincidental."

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