Poison Ivy Convinced Harley to Dump Joker By Swapping Costumes

When all else failed, Poison Ivy had to resort to extreme measures in order to convince Harley Quinn to dump the Joker for good. By disguising herself as her companion, Ivy finally managed to make Harley see the light in a stunningly brutal fashion.

The history of Harley Quinn and the Joker is obviously not a pretty one. After the Joker managed to convince his psychiatrist to abandon her career and join him as his partner, it was all downhill for Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Though she joined the Clown Prince of Crime willingly, Harley found herself trapped in an abusive relationship with Joker that she couldn't seem to break away from. Even when her closest ally, Poison Ivy, tried helping Harley break away from Joker, Quinn was convinced that her Puddin' did, in fact, love her and was capable of reciprocating her feelings.


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But words weren't enough for Harley, so Poison Ivy had to do something drastic in order to make her point. In Harley Quinn #1 by Karl Kesel and Terry Dodson, Harley has broken the Joker out of Arkham Asylum once again and is assisting him with a new plan to mark his comeback. However, Harley’s stunt gets Poison Ivy's attention who questions why Harley is still devoted to someone who doesn't care about her. Realizing that Harley just isn't going to get the message with words alone, Ivy puts together a risky plan. On the night of Joker's plan to murder an amusement park magnate, Poison Ivy, disguised as Harley Quinn arrives to greet the Joker, who gleefully shoots Ivy thinking she's his partner-in-crime. The real Harley arrives only moments later, and discovers Ivy had dressed up as Harley in order to show her what the Joker was capable of.


This was quite a gamble, but it certainly paid off. Harley Quinn breaks up with Joker for the first time in her life and discovered a life without her "Mr. J" is actually possible. While there's plenty of other ways Ivy probably could have made the same point, she recognized Harley needed a much more dramatic example to see where Ivy was coming from. Not only was it a brilliant move on Ivy's part, it showed the deep love Ivy has for Harley and how far she'd be willing to go to keep her safe.

Poison Ivy is traditionally a misanthrope, and she despises most of humanity. Of course, the exception to the rule is Harley Quinn, whom Poison Ivy loves and wants the best for. But Ivy recognized that Harley was too far-gone for words to have any effect and that the only way Ivy could make Harley wise up was to see that the Joker would actually kill her if given the chance. It was risky, but Poison Ivy's costume stunt actually got through to Harley Quinn and got her to finally give the Joker the boot.