Pixar's Elemental Movie Gets First Image & Story Details

Pixar has unveiled new details about its upcoming movie Elemental, including a first look image, poster, and story details. Since its founding in the 1980s, Pixar Animation Studios has gone on to produce some of the most well-known animated films, from its first feature Toy Story to its most recently-released film, Lightyear. Garnering much success, the studio has done well commercially and critically, with many of its films ranking among the highest-grossing animated movies of all time. On top of that, Pixar films have often earned multiple accolades, including Academy Awards and Grammys.


Just a few months ago, Pixar unveiled the bare-bones plans for its next film, Elemental. The announcement was accompanied by concept art for the film, revealing sketches of fire and water-based characters. It was also confirmed the movie would debut in June 2023. Peter Sohn, known for directing Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, will helm Elemental.

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Now, at the annual D23 Expo, Disney has revealed details on Pixar's Elemental, including a first look image, poster, and story details (via Deadline). The image and poster features glimpses at characters Ember and Wade, played by Leah Lewis and Mamoudou Athie, respectively. Ember and Wade live in a city where the residents are all made up of either fire, water, land or air. Elemental will explore the bond between Ember and Wade, which leads to them learning, much to their shock, that they have many things in common. Check out the image and poster below:

Elemental first look image Pixar
Elemental poster Pixar

Elemental is said to be inspired by Sohn’s childhood in New York and is aimed at exploring themes of diversity through the various elements living in the same city. Based on that premise, it sounds as though the film will feature some beautiful, colorful visuals as the animators work to bring this vibrant city to life. However, Pixar is so far keeping things close to the vest, showing only Elemental's main characters. Ember and Wade's characterizations already feel well-established based on this first image, and their unlikely friendship should make for an exciting journey.

This news on Elemental adds to the list of Pixar announcements made at Disney's D23 Expo this year, spotlighting the company's upcoming projects. Coming off of the disappointing performance of Lightyear, Pixar is likely eager to built up excitement for its new movies. Elemental so far feels like a step back towards the studio's typical fare, as opposed to the more straightforward sequel that Lightyear was. With lots to come from Pixar, fans of the studio will surely find some form of animated bliss within the next few years.

Source: Deadline, Disney