PGA Tour 2K23 Course Designer Preview: Giving Creators More Power

The upcoming PGA Tour 2K23 is adding expanded options to all the features players know and love, including a revamped Course Designer mode. In comparison with the Course Designer offered in PGA Tour 2K21, the new version places a bigger emphasis on the community's creators and an easier to use interface that will hopefully encourage more players to utilize its robust features.

PGA Tour 2K23 has a large focus on customization and offering a diverse array of modes for players to choose between. From its retooled MyPLAYER and MyCAREER modes that feature more options than ever before to the new Topgolf mode, 2K23 allows players to live out their golf fantasy in any way they'd like. This trend continues with the game's Course Designer, which aims to let players express their creativity with impressive building possibilities.


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Alongside all the official courses included in PGA Tour 2K23, players also have the ability to design courses from the ground up. Players have control over all the elements of their course, including terrain, routing, hazards, flora and fauna, buildings, crowds, and even weather. Developers also highlighted that several new trees and over ten new flowers have been added to help diversify course environment.

PGA 2K23 Course Designer mode landscape tools.

A new spline wall tool has been added to PGA Tour 2K23's Course Designer that will help streamline the process and make it easier to achieve seamless results even over sloped terrain. Players can hold and drag spline handles while creating them for instant curves, autofill splines, split splines in two, and will have improved control over moving and copying splines. Much like with PGA Tour 2K23's MyPLAYER design tools, this new spline tool will let players adjust even the most intricate details.

For this version of Course Designer mode, PGA Tour 2K23 enlisted the help of a dedicated course creator to help streamline the mode's user interface. The new navigation and hierarchy of objects was described by developers as something that's "more sensible and will encourage more players to dive in and build their dream course." This isn't the only way the game has utilized passionate player designers, either - at launch PGA Tour 2K23 will feature 12 custom-designed courses from 6 player creators. Within MyCAREER mode, players have the ability to add these custom courses - or their own - into each season to add new challenge and diversity to their gameplay. If players previously published a course with the previous PGA Tour game, they can also easily import it into 2K23.

These new updates to PGA Tour 2K23's Course Designer will undoubtedly improve the experience for experienced creators who are looking for more control over their designs, while also making the mode more accessible to beginners. Developers emphasized the importance that creators bring to helping the game stay fresh, and hope an improved UI and a wider array of design options will help entice more players to give it a try. These new Course Designer options are only the latest in a long list of ways the upcoming PGA Tour 2K23 has been designed with fans in mind, and has given players even more to look forward to in what's shaping up to be one of the best golf video games of the year.

PGA Tour 2K23 will release for Playstation consoles, Xbox consoles, and PC October 14. Screen Rant attended a special press presentation for the purpose of this preview.