One Piece's New Destination Proves What Makes the Series so Great

Warning: SPOILERS for One Piece #1061

The Straw Hat Pirates landed on a brand-new island in One Piece, but they were not supposed to go there. Series author Eiichiro Oda proved once again to be a master of surprising his audience by making everyone believe that Luffy and his crew were headed to a completely different island.

One Piece follows the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates on the Grand Line, the most important and dangerous sea in the world. Due to the unique nature and geography of the Grand Line, the only way to navigate it is to follow the route that leads from one island to the next, traced by a special compass called Log Pose. This means that Luffy and his companions have to stop every time and explore each island they meet on their journey before leaving again, never knowing what their next destination will be. After the end of their long adventure in Wano Country, the Straw Hats were ready to depart for a new island. Considering that the crew has almost reached the end of the Grand Line, fans were eagerly waiting to see where their next journey would lead.


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Many speculated that the next stop would be Elbaf, the country of the Giants, which was mentioned many times over the course of the series, and that the Straw Hats (and the readers) can't wait to explore. However, before leaving Wano, Luffy and the two other pirate captains who helped him in defeating Kaido and Big Mom, Kid and Law, randomly chose one of the three possible Log Pose routes that leave the island. According to a map published in an official One Piece magazine, the island where Luffy was headed should have been Sphinx, the birthplace of the legendary pirate Whitebeard. However, chapter #1061 of One Piece showed that things turned out to be pretty different. The Straw Hats do not land on Sphinx, or on Elbaf either, but on "future island" Egghead, where they meet Dr. Vegapunk, one of the most anticipated characters in the whole series.


This unexpected turn of events proves once again that one of the secrets of One Piece's success is its capacity to keep surprising fans and readers. This is in no way something that should be taken for granted, considering that the series has been going on for 25 years and it's still the best-selling manga of all time. Rather than resorting to recycling situations or plots, the world of One Piece and its lore keep expanding. Fans never know what to expect, even if they still like to craft endless theories on the many mysteries of the series. Speaking of which, Vegapunk's reveal was a huge surprise, because the character holds the keys to a lot of secrets that One Piece fans have been waiting to hear about for decades, including the true nature of Devil Fruits.

It's very likely that the Straw Hats will still visit Sphinx, as that's where the grave of Ace, Luffy's brother is located, and even more Elbaf, because this island has been simply teased too much in the series. For now, fans of One Piece have to admit that Eiichiro Oda has once again led them in a totally unexpected direction, and enjoy the surprises and excitement that the next chapters of the manga will bring.