One Justice League Hero Could Give Superman His Ultimate Power-Up

Of all the members of the Justice League, one hero could give Superman an extremely powerful upgrade. In a bid to save an ailing Kryptonian, Dr. Light revealed how she could take the Man of Steel's powers to the next level.

While Superman has been blessed with one of the most powerful skill sets in the DC Universe, there's always been room for improvement in his abilities. Comic fans all know that Clark's main source of strength comes from the rays of Earth's yellow sun. But certain situations have revealed that other sources of light can affect Superman's Kryptonian powers for the better. Of course, this excludes red solar rays which inhibit Clark's natural powers. But as long as Superman is exposed to other sources of light, both Superman and other members of his species can experience a phenomenal augmentation of their natural powers.


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Case in point, Superman's foster son Chris Kent needed serious assistance that only one Justice Leaguer had the ability to provide. In Action Comics #884 by Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann, and Pere Pérez, Chris Kent, the Kryptonian version of Nightwing is undergoing a dire situation. Because he was born in Krypton’s prison, the Phantom Zone, Chris has a mutation that causes him to age several years in random bursts, and his latest has left him in the body of an octogenarian. Unfortunately, the only person in the world who can come up with a solution is xenobiologist Dr. Pillings, who is actually the criminal Jax-Ur in disguise. But despite his opposition to the hero, he does come up with a plan to reverse Chris' aging. Jax-Ur works with Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi, aka Dr. Light to overcharge Chris' cells and improve his healing factor to return him to normal.

Dr Light Kryptonian Healing DC Comics

The solar absorbing properties of Superman and other Kryptonians' cells are what gives them their amazing powers, so overcharging them to accelerate Chris’ healing is a pretty inspired move. In fixing Chris' rapid aging issue, it seems that Jax-Ur accidentally made the case of Dr. Light being a much more active ally to Superman. After all, if she can boost Chris' healing by inundating him with solar radiation, what else can she do for a Kryptonian that's in his prime?

While Superman does just fine with the amount of light he gets on Earth, getting more is not going to hurt him. In fact, proximity to the sun makes Superman stronger, so additional light sources could only help. If Chris' healing got a serious upgrade from Dr. Light's blast, she could probably increase Superman's other powers as well. Strength, durability, heat vision, all the classic powers under Clark's belt could become much more intense with Light than they are on their own. A partnership with the Justice Leaguer could be Superman's ticket to a major increase in his natural abilities.