Nreal Air iPhone-Compatible AR Glasses Are Now Available In The U.S.

The Nreal Air augmented reality glasses are now available in the United States, with the addition of macOS and iOS compatibility. Major companies like Apple, Meta, and Snapchat have been leading the way in AR. Other competitors have also started to release their own AR products to try and get in early on the growing metaverse market.

With AR technology still in relatively early stages, many developers have taken an experimental approach to work with the devices that are available. Creators also need to anticipate innovations that make new effects and experiences possible. Some companies such as Disney are working on glasses-free AR technology that could be used in Disney park rides in the future.


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The latest AR glasses from Nreal have recently been made available in the United States for a price of $379. The Nreal Air glasses are now compatible with Apple devices after previously being released in Asian markets as exclusive to Android. The AR glasses project a monitor screen onto the lenses, intended to be used as a personal theater and for streaming games. The projected image is said to be the equivalent of a 130-inch screen from three meters away or a 201-inch screen at six meters distance.

These AR Glasses Can Connect To Apple Devices

NReal Air AR Glasses

Since the launch of the Nreal Air AR glasses in the United States, the device is now supported by macOS and iOS devices. There is a small catch, however, as iOS compatibility is only available with the purchase of an additional dongle and a Lightning Digital AV adapter. For users who require the extra connector, the additional cost puts the Nreal Air at a higher price point and may cause some potential customers to consider other options. Especially with competitors such as Apple expected to have impressive AR glasses available soon.

With all the new AR glasses and VR products becoming available, consumers will have plenty of ways to engage with the metaverse. Although early devices have started to become available at the consumer level, the major companies have not yet released their flagship AR headsets. The technology has been advancing rapidly and the demand is growing. It may even be possible that smart AR contacts will be available relatively soon. Whether with AR glasses, smart contacts, or handheld devices, users have more options than ever before to interact with and be immersed in virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

Source: Nreal