New Star Wars Board Game Brings The Clone Wars To Your Tabletop

A brand-new Star Wars board game will let players participate in the Clone Wars while controlling a roster of iconic Jedi The beloved sci-fi saga has touched every aspect of popular culture ranging from movies to novels to tabletop RPGs. Various Star Wars tabletop games have let players immerse themselves in a galaxy far, far away, and now a Clone Wars board game will see them face off against hordes of Separatist droids.

Over the years Star Wars has inspired three official tabletop RPGs, with many more board games drawing inspiration from the franchise too. 1987's Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, which released four years after Return of the Jedi premiered, features abstract rules and extensive sourcebooks that greatly expanded the young franchise's universe. Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game, which released in 2000, notably served as a direct inspiration for the video game RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. A 2012 trilogy of rulebooks published by Fantasy Flight Games rounds out the Star Wars tabletop RPG series, though a new title will soon be added to the council of masterful board games.


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A new tabletop game titled Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Pandemic System Game was recently announced by board game companies Z-Man Games and Asmodee. The title will see players move from planet to planet while battling Separatist forces, with dice rolls and special Squad Cards determining the flow of battle. Star Wars: The Clone Wars will give players control of iconic heroes like Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda while facing off against memorable villains like Darth Maul, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress and Count Dooku. The board game is available for pre-order now ahead of its October 7 release.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Becomes An Epic Board Game

While Z-Man Games and Asmodee's Clone Wars game will let players become the galaxy's greatest heroes, a Star Wars Darth Vader board game lets players become one of pop culture's most iconic villains. Star Wars (Power of the Dark Side) Villainous sees fans assume the role of various series antagonists including Darth Vader, General Grievous and Kylo Ren. The tabletop experience serves as a Dark Side counterpart to the Clone Wars game, with players crusading across the galaxy to conquer it in the name of the evil rather than defend it from the Separatists.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Pandemic System Game will let franchise fans take part in an epic war for the fate of the entire galaxy. The tabletop title will include iconic heroes and villains from the Clone Wars period, with each battle being determined by both strategic maneuvering and the roll of dice. Set for release on October 7, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars board game will take players to an authentic interpretation of the galaxy far, far away.