New Need For Speed Game Reportedly Releasing This December

Rumors suggest that a new Need for Speed game will soon be revealed, with a release date already set for later in the year. The last installment in the high-octane racing franchise, Need for Speed Heat, was regarded as an improvement over other recent entries but still left much to be desired from fans. A Need for Speed 2022 leak seemingly revealed a brand-new game earlier this year, and now Electronic Arts looks poised to finally unveil this game soon.

The Need for Speed franchise has let players race across a variety of fictional cities based on real locations, with the next game supposedly letting fans drift through the mean streets of Lake Shore City. Directly inspired by Chicago, this digital racing playground will apparently be situated next to a large lake and feature a collection of interconnected regions. However, despite the apparent legitimacy of the leaked screenshots no official information about 2022's Need for Speed has actually been revealed. Another possible leak calls Need for Speed 2022 new-gen only and claims the title will launch around the end of this year.


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According to Insider Gaming and renowned insider Tom Henderson (via Twitter), the next Need for Speed game will soon be announced by publisher Electronic Arts. This new installment in the racing series, which is allegedly titled Need for Speed Unbound, is apparently set for release on December 2. While the exact date of the game's reveal is still unknown, EA is expected to reveal the game in early October. Insider Gaming also claims that the racing title will have anime-inspired elements, will be multiplayer-focused and will feature brand-new maps to speed across.

Need for Speed Is Coming Back Around The Bend

While Need for Speed Unbound appears to be the next main installment in the series, rumors also hint at an upcoming Need for Speed mobile game currently in development at TiMi Studio Group. The Pokémon Unite developer is apparently crafting an open-world racing game that fans can take on the go, though details about the project are currently unclear. Some leaked gameplay of the project allegedly shows off some details, though, such as the game's use of Unreal Engine 4 and the reuse of Need for Speed Heat's Palm City map.

The last few installments in the Need for Speed franchise have been considered disappointing by fans, so Need for Speed Unbound is a chance for the franchise to kick back into high gear. The game has yet to be officially announced, but reputable insiders claim that an announcement will take place in the very near future. With an alleged release date of December 2, the next Need for Speed will apparently go from 0 to 100 once EA pulls back the curtain.

Sources: Insider Gaming, Tom Henderson/Twitter