New Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Trailer Promises A Brutal Final Battle

A short new trailer for Bleach's upcoming Thousand-Year Blood War series was just released, giving fans a good look at the villainous Sternritter in all their power.

The Thousand-Year Blood War will be a short series picking up where the original Bleach anime left off in terms of manga adaptations. The Bleach manga's final arc dealt with a group of Quincy known as the Sternritter who banded together to invade the Soul Society once before, a thousand years before the story. With incredible power at their disposal due to their connection to Yhwach, the "Father of All Quincy," the Sternritter intend to create a world free of death by causing the hollow world Hueco Mundo, the real physical world, and the Soul Society to blend together into a single plane of existence.


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The new trailer released on Youtube focuses heavily on Bleach's Sternritter, showing off how their abilities and weapons will look in the anime. As with previous factions introduced in Bleach, the Sternritter will feature a huge number of new characters for audiences to get to know. And, like other groups such as the Arrancar, they're themed along a certain language or culture--German. The blue light which floods much of the trailer is the result of a Quincy ability known as Blut, or Blood Dress in the manga's official translation. It's a power that can be used in different ways to enhance one's strength and durability, and in its defensive form shows up as jagged, circuit-like designs that appear on the user's body. As members of Bleach's evil Quincy group, their powers do indeed operate similarly to Uryu's, hence the similar coloration of their spiritual energy.

What Does the New Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War Trailer Reveal?

Much of what's shown in the trailer seems to originate from the Sternritter's attacks on the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, the event which really kicks off the plot of this final arc and firmly establishes these characters as the newest and deadliest threat. Thus, most of this content should be in the first few episodes. Since there are so many Sternritter, it gives the existing Soul Reaper captains plenty of opponents to face off against, and that means plenty of opportunities for fights to go horribly awry. Some Soul Reapers are sure to meet their unfortunate ends in this sudden attack, and the trailer does a good job of teasing confrontations without revealing who might be at risk.

The Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War anime is set to debut on October 10, 2022. An official home for a streaming release in the West has yet to be revealed, but Viz Media has assured fans that Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War will be streaming simultaneously.