Never Have I Ever: 7 Best Characters (& 6 Of The Worst)

The recent Netflix show Never Have I Ever from Mindy Kaling focuses on teenager Devi as she tries to navigate her life after the traumatic death of her beloved father. She struggles in school with her best friends, trying to find a boyfriend, and interacting with her cousin and mother.

Kaling has been a part of incredibly successful shows such as The Office and The Mindy Project, so she is known for crafting entertaining and offbeat characters. There are countless wacky and endearing characters throughout the series, let's visit some of the best and worst characters introduced so far!

SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAYUpdated on September 12th, 2022 by Fawzia Khan: Fans were treated to an exciting new season 3 of Never Have I Ever, and its universe has expanded greatly since its debut season on Netflix. This means that there are plenty of new characters to analyze, and the original main characters have shown their true colors.

Never Have I Ever's Best Characters


Devi and Mohan watching TV on Never Have I Ever

The audience only sees Mohan (Devi's father) in flashbacks of Devi and her mother's memories. In Devi's eyes, Mohan was the parent she was closest to and his death traumatized her.

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Every flashback the audience is shown shows Mohan as a fantastic father and husband and the glue that held together Devi and Nalini. After seeing each flashback it's clear why Devi and Nalini loved him so much and needed him in their lives.


Paxton puts Devi's hand on his chest in Never Have I Ever.

Few characters have had the redemption arc that Paxton has, and his character has slowly become the most loved since the season 2 finale. Initially emotionally unavailable and arrogant, he works on himself till he can admit his love for Devi over societal expectations.

Paxton sheds the stereotypes about his good looks, works extremely hard, opens himself to criticism and apologizes to all the girls he did wrong years ago (which is one of the best episodes of Never Have I Ever.) Fans hope that they can see him in the next season, even though he graduated.

Ben Gross

Devi and Ben eating in Never Have I Ever

Even though Ben Gross appears to be a rude and entitled young man, his inner workings and motivations were given some attention in season 3 which helped audiences understand him better. He is kind, caring, and affectionate, but just doesn't know how to show it properly. Not to mention he is also one of the most intelligent characters on the show.

The way Ben gets over his chronic fear of failure is inspiring and very mature for a teenager, and he also actively worked towards taking care of himself mentally and physically. He made for a positive role model.


Devi, Fabiola and Eleanor dancing in Never Have I Ever

Fabiola is one of Devi's best friends that has a fun and sweet storyline throughout the series so far. She's supportive of Devi and Eleanor even when she's confronting her sexuality and figuring out how to tell her family she's gay.

She's loyal and supportive of her friends and always willing to help someone in need without ever compromising on who she is.


Eleanor waves awkwardly in Never Have I Ever

Eleanor is best friends with Devi and Fabiola and has a fun personality as she's an aspiring actress. She's supportive of her friends and has a cute relationship with her boyfriend.

Her storyline gets more complex when her actress mother returns home. Like Fabiola, Eleanor's ability to open her heart to the very quotable Trent, who is so different from her, really warmed fans' hearts too.


Devi, Kamala, and Nalini together in Never Have I Ever

Devi's mother is tough on her, but she is overall a good presence and eventually very understanding of Devi and her cousin Kamala. She begins to overcome her emotional issues by opening up to her daughter Devi and trying to repair their relationship. Her flashbacks with her husband Mohan are adorable and show her softer side.


Kamala in yellow outside of the house in Never Have I Ever

Devi believes her older cousin is the perfect Indian child, but the audience quickly learns that Kamala has ambitions of her own that doesn't fit the plan she's expected to follow.

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At first, she seems to be the perfect Indian child, but the audience sees secrets throughout her life that show that she's nowhere near accepting of the future that's laid out for her. She chooses her own path and is an exciting character to watch and root for.

Never Have I Ever's Worst Characters


Rhyah comforts Devi in Never Have I Ever Season 3

Rhyah treats Nalini like a project, rather than a friend, which is what makes her so unlikable. Nalini's first friend in years, she even makes her relinquish her "no-dating" rule for Devi, only to insult and belittle the teenager in front of her son and her mother.

She is unfeeling and cruel, and all of her "wellness" spiel was hollow since she did not care for anyone's well-being but her own. Rhyah also foiled one of the best relationships in Never Have I Ever season 3.


Nirmala and Kamala in Never Have I Ever

Devi's grandmother Nirmala decides to take a heavy-handed approach with Kamala when she chooses not to marry Prashant, which didn't warm her to audiences. She is pedantic and old-school in the worst way, which shows when she withholds food because of her anger.

Societal rules and farces matter more to Nirmala, who then tries to set Kamala up quickly with someone else. She shuns Mr. K, even though Kamala is finally happy with him.


A close up of Des in Never Have I Ever

The newest kid on the block had so much potential, but Des wastes it all in being a mamma's boy. He has a slightly shady vibe since the beginning when he ghosts Devi, but his supportive boyfriend act makes viewers think he's different.

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Sadly, he chooses his mother's harebrained logic about not dealing with emotional drama because she pays his phone bills, which was quite uncool of him. Des could have been a great boyfriend and person, but he falls short on both accounts.


Devi praying in Never Have I Ever

Devi's an interesting and entertaining main character, and although it's understandable she's going through a lot after her father's traumatic death and her temporary paralysis, she's a pretty terrible friend throughout her grieving process.

Devi is supposedly best friends with Eleanor and Fabiola, but there isn't much proof of this throughout the series other than them saying it constantly. Through her obsession with what other people think about her and finding a boyfriend, she leaves her friends behind. Hopefully, Devi grows more throughout Season 2.

Mr. Shapiro

Mr. Shapiro in Never Have I Ever

The main characters are all in the same history class taught by Mr. Shapiro. He's the stereotypical "hip" teacher that tries to relate to the kids on their level and bring technology and modern analogies to history.

He's trying so hard to be a good teacher and help these kids learn, and while his intention is endearing, his execution is annoying.


Joyce stands next to Eleanor in Never Have I Ever

Joyce doesn't have much time on screen in the first season, but she certainly makes an impact. She comes back into Eleanor's life after being away trying to be an actress.

When she's unsuccessful it looks like maybe she'll return to care for her daughter, but seeing her as a successful actress in her school's play as the lead she leaves again, but not before almost giving up all of Fabiola and Devi's secrets to their parents.

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