Netflix's Virgin River: 15 Best Episodes, Ranked According To IMDb

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  • Virgin River fans are eating well these days, with the fourth season of the beloved romance series dropping on Netflix in July. As fans eagerly await the already announced fifth season, the landscape of the show's best fifteen episodes has changed drastically.

Upon making its Season 2 premiere this year, Netflix's original series Virgin River has remained among the streamer's most viewed titles on the platform. The romantic dramedy continues the exploits of midwife Melinda Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) as she continues to care for the pregnant Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) in scenic Northern California.

With 20 episodes and counting so far, recent details on the internet have unofficially confirmed that the series has been renewed for Season 3. Until that day officially arrives or more details are divulged, scroll below for a look at the most successful chapters of the series to date.

Updated September 7th, 2022 by Jordan Iacobucci:

Virgin River fans are eating well these days, with the fourth season of the beloved romance series dropping on Netflix in July. As fans eagerly await the already announced fifth season, the landscape of the show's best fifteen episodes has changed drastically.


15 Talk To Me (7.6)


Alexandra Breckenridge smiling in Virgin River

As the fourth season begins to reach its final episodes, "Talk to Me," furthers the drama, as Lizzie struggles after learning a secret about Denny and a concerned Mel shortchanges Joey despite planning a surprise for her.

This episode encapsulates everything that makes Mel one of Virgin River's most likable characters, as she struggles to balance her love for two people without losing either. Events also begin to turn toward the dramatic side, as fans well know, with only a few episodes remaining in the season and tensions rising.

14 A Wounded Heart (7.6)


Annette O'Toole in Virgin River

An early entry into Virgin River's very first episode, "A Wounded Heart" truly delves into the drama of the series as tensions rise regarding Hope's recent heart attack. As Mel and Hope's other loved ones try to talk sense into her, she continues to insist that she is fine.

This episode continues to set the premise for what would become a very successful series, setting up some of the show's best characters and relationship dynamics through heartfelt dialogue and well-written character moments. Fans also always enjoy a Hope-centric episode, especially after the character sat out most of season 3.

13 Fire And Rain (7.7)


Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge about to kiss in Virgin River Season 4

The tenth episode of Virgin River's fourth season, "Fire and Rain," involves Charmaine's baby shower, which Jack finds himself involved in against his will. Meanwhile, drama unfolds between Mel and Cassandra that will drive their storylines for the remainder of the season.

Though Mel and Jack remain one of the strongest relationships on the show, some of the series' best moments come when each member of this couple is left on his or her own. This episode provides plenty of that as things take a turn and certain clues are laid for the epic twist in the upcoming season finale.

12 ...And Found (7.7)


Alexandra Breckenridge crying in Virgin River

In the third frame of the inaugural season, Lily confesses to being the mother of the baby Jack (Martin Henderson) found in a laundry basket in the season premiere. In turn, Mel admits to losing her own baby and considering suicide as a result of postpartum depression.

Elsewhere, Mel meets Jack's girlfriend Charmaine for the first time. Later, Hope (Annette O'Toole) falls on her front doorsteps due to a lack of oxygen and Doc Mullins (Tim Matheson) vows to properly care for her.

11 Under Fire (7.7)


Martin Henderson sleeping under blanket in Virgin River

In Under Fire, Jack and Mel find themselves in a ticking clock scenario when dispatched to an illegal marijuana farm to tend to the bullet wound sustained by the boss. While on the job, Mel assists one of the pot farmers to give birth.

Meanwhile, Doc gets in the middle of a tiff between Hope and Charmaine when it comes to light that Doc had an affair with one of their relatives. In the end, Mel consoles Jack over a nightmare he has about his time in the Marines.

10 Let's Mingle (7.7)


Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson stare longingly at one another in Virgin River

On the night before Virgin River's annual dance gala "Moonlight Mingle," Mel is visited by her sister Joey (Jenny Cooper). At the mingle, Paige (Lexa Doig) becomes upset when she meets a man and temporarily misplaces her son, Chris (Chase Petriw).

When Doc arranges a meeting with a lawyer to discuss his divorce from Hope, he becomes angered when she fails to attend the meeting. Upon reconsideration, Doc realizes how heartbroken Hope is over their separation.

9 Bombshells (7.8)


A scene from

"Bombshells," the appropriately-named ninth episode of Virgin River's fourth season sees tensions rise as mysteries begin to unravel regarding recent disappearances. The search for Calvin also escalates, with the episode's B-storyline proving once again that Brie and Mike deserve their own spinoff.

This episode includes everything that fans of Virgin River have come to love about the series, including shocking cliffhanger endings that leave audiences needing more. "Bombshells" does exactly that, with a sudden explosion forcing fans to watch just one more episode to see how things play out.

8 If Truth Be Told (7.8)


Alexandra Breckenridge sitting at table in bar in Virgin River

In the seventh episode of Season 1, John "Preacher" Middleton (Colin Lawrence) discovers a harrowing secret that has the potential to shatter the entire town. Meanwhile, Mel grapples with her troubled past as a widowed postpartum depressive.

The episode entails Jack's confrontation with Charmaine over their complicated relationship. Also, Letty is diagnosed with diabetes after appearing to have low blood sugar rather than high blood sugar. Whether it's a plot hole or a misdiagnosis is never made clear.

7 Everybody Has A Secret (7.9)


Alexandra Breckenridge looking into a mirror in Virgin River

Directed by Tim Matheson, "Everybody Has a Secret" picks up when Hope implores Jack to finally read the letter given to him by Charmaine. Meanwhile, Mel feels ready to advance her relationship with Jack following their first kiss in the prior episode.

When an ill family races into the clinic, Mel and Doc determine they have been poisoned. Finding the cause to be contaminated groundwater, Mel gives the fatally-ill daughter of the family medicine en route to the hospital. After the incident, Mel meets Jack at her cabin where they share another kiss.

6 Hazards Ahead (7.9)


Lauren Hammersley talking in Virgin River

In the penultimate episode of Season 2, Mel makes a dogged attempt to find Jack when he disappears following the discovery of a shocking secret regarding Calvin's nefarious dealings.

Meanwhile, Hope begins to wonder about Doc's fidelity when finding a troubling voicemail. As the police try to solve the case involving the dead hiker, Preacher ponders taking a new job in San Francisco to keep the heat off of him.

5 Unexpected Endings (8.0)


Alexandra Breckenridge giving a man a snide look in Virgin River

According to IMDb, the season 1 finale of Virgin River ranks as the best of its season. Much of the episode's drama revolves around Charmaine's decision to keep Jack's baby and the impact this choice has on Mel.

Hope reads Charmaine's letter and informs Mel of the baby she intends to keep. Devastated, Mel vows to end her romance with Jack and put Virgin River in her past. Meanwhile, Paige begins to be more honest with Preacher regarding her abusive former partner.

4 Once Again (8.0)


Lexa Doig in Virgin River

In the penultimate episode of Virgin River's latest season, Hope once again struggles with accepting care from the people who love her, prompting a heated argument with Vernon and an emotional conversation with Mel.

While things begin with a slightly pessimistic tinge, "Once Again" quickly becomes one of the most exciting episodes in Virgin River's run so far, as the episode ends with a thrilling and long overdue marriage proposal that is sure to keep fans chattering for months to come.

3 Into The Light (8.0)


A scene from

When a raging storm strikes Virgin River and wipes the power out, the townsfolk seek refuge in Jack's bar. Mel has difficulty dealing with a nightmare in which she relives her husband's death. She snaps out of her funk by helping a tow-truck driver without health insurance mend his busted hand.

Elsewhere, Preacher begins snooping about Paige's past. Upon googling her real name, Preacher learns Paige is wanted for kidnapping. In the end, Jack surprises Mel by taking her to the new cabin that he made to ensure her long-term stay.

2 Blown Away (8.2)


Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson in Virgin River

The season 2 finale of Virgin River ranks as the best of its season. Much of the conclusion revolves around Preacher's criminal exploits and his decision to stay in town rather than flee to San Francisco.

While the remarried Doc and Hope return home to a surprise party, Mel finds Jack beaten and bloodied in his bar due to his involvement with Calvin. The cliffhanger finale alludes to the fact that the drug war between Calvin's operation and the townsfolk of Virgin River is just getting started.

1 The Long Goodbye (8.3)


Alexandra Breckenridge glances sideways sadly in Virgin River

With a marriage proposal to close out the previous episode, fans knew that they would be in for a rollercoaster ride in the season 4 finale of Virgin River, entitled "The Long Goodbye." Ranked as the highest-rated episode of the series thus far, this episode has already become iconic among Virgin River's fanbase.

Though many fans may prefer to focus on the happier moments of this episode, like Mel and Jack's engagement, the confirmation that Jack is the father of Mel's baby, or Brady's exoneration, what will likely stick with viewers is the episode's monumental twist ending, wherein certain lies are revealed, and one beloved character very nearly meets a grisly and untimely end.