Netflix Show Creator Resorts to Promoting New Season in Splatoon 3

Dead End: Paranormal Park creator Hamish Steele has employed some unusual tactics to promote the show’s upcoming season 2. Based on Steele’s DeadEndia graphic novels, season 1 of Dead End released on Netflix in early June and has since grown steady social media support as fans eagerly awaited news of the show's renewal. Just a few days ago, Steele announced Dead End: Paranormal Park would be getting another season on Netflix. Just like season 1, Dead End season 2 will consist of 10 episodes. New images from season 2 were also attached to this announcement, hinting at some of Barney and Norma’s upcoming adventures.


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Alongside social media promotion, Steele has utilized Splatoon 3 on the Nintendo Switch to promote Dead End: Paranormal Park season 2. Steele shared a sketch of the Dead End characters with the season 2 release date: October 13. Several fans came across Steele’s promotion while playing the Nintendo game, and for some, this fun announcement was how they discovered the Netflix cartoon was renewed for season 2.

Netflix has had noticeable marketing issues in the past, with many movies and shows often receiving very little promotion outside the streaming platform. Dead End: Paranormal Park has gotten a similar treatment, with much of its popularity coming from word of mouth as fans rave about the show online. This is further evident as the official season 2 announcement features on Steele’s social media, but doesn't appear to be on Netflix’s. Though using Splatoon 3’s growing social features is an amusing and innovative way to publicize, it’s unfortunate that Dead End: Paranormal Park hasn’t gotten more promotion from the platform that houses it.

Source: Hamish Steele