NBA 2K23: Every 2KTV Question & Answer (Episode 3)

In the third episode of NBA 2KTV for NBA 2K23, players have a chance to earn a lot of free VC for correctly answering a set of trivia questions in the ninth season of this mode from the annual basketball simulation series. Initially making its debut in NBA 2K15, 2KTV features a collection of prompts designed to test player knowledge of the history of basketball, specific athletes, or the mechanics present in this entry of the NBA 2K series.

Through a fast-paced timer limiting the speed at which players answer questions, those prepared have the chance to be rewarded 3,700-4,000 Virtual Currency, a premium money source in NBA 2K23's game modes. From the start of the game, players may see 2KTV as a window on the menu, under the WNBA and Features sections. Easier to select than similar modes such as the Fashion Trivia in NBA 2K23, access to 2KTV has never been more simple.


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Episode 3 of 2KTV rotates with Episodes 1 and 2 weekly, giving players ample time to try their hand at the rapid-fire trivia. Mistakes are costly, though, as an incorrect answer cannot be revisited, losing players on average around 150 VC per missed answer. A distinct green checkmark highlights when players guess correctly, with a small prompt that can be selected to claim any VC earnings.

Every NBA 2K23 Question & Answer to Episode 3 of NBA 2KTV

NBA 2K23: Every 2KTV Question & Answer (Episode 3)

For every question in NBA 2K23's 2KTV trivia, the answers are set; the quizzes asked do not choose from a set of questions. Unlike the answers in NBA 2K23's Music Trivia, there are twenty questions in total instead of ten that could be of a multiple group of prompts. Players also use one of four buttons on the controller or bindings on a keyboard that are assigned to potential responses.

What team did Tracy McGrady play the most seasons for?Rockets
To improve your player's overall Rating, which of these do you have to increase?MyPoints
How many times did T-Mac lead the League in scoring?2
This is the number of times T-Mac was an All-Star and also his number of All-NBA selections.7
This is the only other number Tracy McGrady wore in the NBA besides the iconic number 1.3
Tracy McGrady won the most improved player award in what year of his career?4
Which player that Alexis just mentioned scored the most career points?Dell Curry
The Toronto Raptors became Tracy's first NBA home in 1997, drafting him at this pick number.9
What can you use to travel quickly to 10 areas of The City in NBA 2K23?Subway
What is the name of the publicist who helps MP prepare for media responses?Ashley
When you become a starter and complete the Welcome to the League quest, what is part of your reward?MyPoints Accelerator
What's the name of the in-game show that features J.J. Redick and Kendrick Perkins in NBA 2K23's MyCareer?Top Takes Daily
Which quest reward allows you to start future MyPlayer builds with a 90 overall Rating unlocked?Rebirth
Under which category will you find leadership skills in The City's pause menu?Progression
Which skateboarding-related quest introduces you to Tina and Lance?Ollie Oop!
Which team selected Jaden Ivey as the first guard chosen in the 2022 NBA Draft?Pistons
Which NBA player has the highest Ball Handle attribute currently in NBA 2K23?Kyrie Irving
Which Badge boosts the scoring chances of the Receiver after a flashy pass?Special Delivery
Which team did Richard Jefferson play for when he had his best 3-Point Shooting percentage?Spurs
In what year did Richard Jefferson become an NBA champion?2016

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