Modern Warfare 2's Post-Beta Survey Indicates Possible Changes

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta survey is taking place, according to a now-deleted post on Reddit, indicating that possible changes might be coming to the game before its release. Modern Warfare 2's beta concluded this week across all platforms, after previously releasing exclusively on PlayStation. Players were able to try out a number of fresh modes that are being introduced with the latest CoD, including a revamped version of Ground War from 2019's Modern Warfare.


Judging by a recent report, MW2 will also receive changes to footstep audio after player complaints. Infinity Ward acknowledged the issue, clarifying that while the community’s feedback did improve over time, the audio still needed a balance rework. Additionally, the development team is looking into player visibility issues, which should be addressed ahead of the game’s October release.

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According to Redditor awch00 (as spotted by MP1st), Infinity Ward has started circulating Modern Warfare 2’s post-beta survey, indicating that the game might undergo possible changes based on user feedback. As revealed by the player in a now-deleted post, some questions listed in the study touched upon various gameplay features and aspects. For instance, participants were specifically asked to rate Modern Warfare 2’s controversial minimap. Killstreaks, perks, field upgrades, and player movements were also mentioned in the survey. Questions also delved into the technical side of MW2's beta, with some revolving around server tick rate and network lag issues.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Survey May Lead To Multiplayer Changes

Modern Warfare 2's beta gives players a preview of the game's tactile gunplay.

Although Modern Warfare 2’s beta was a helpful tool to get players acquainted with the latest Call of Duty installment, the experience was negatively affected by the cheating issue. Infinity Ward has promised to take appropriate actions against hackers, which needs to be handled before the game hits the shelves. In that sense, at least, the beta must’ve been useful to detect vulnerabilities used by fraudulent players to get an unfair advantage.

While only open to a limited number of players, this new survey suggests that revealed gameplay for Modern Warfare 2 is subject to change before launch. This is usually the case with betas, which are designed to gather player feedback as well as provide players with a taste of what to expect before release. It's unclear if some of the more controversial additions made to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will stay, but at the very least, this signals that player feedback is being taken into account.

Source: awch00/Reddit (via MP1st)

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