MCU: 10 Worst Storylines, According To Reddit

As the MCU moves forward with shows like She-Hulk: Attorney At Law and more movies coming soon, fans on Reddit have been revisiting the films that started the franchise. While Marvel is loved worldwide, not all film elements are considered well written by fans.

With 24 movies, some storylines have been forgotten or didn't get the time they needed to develop fully, making fans rethink how good some films and shows were and if they served the timeline. Even though Kevin Fiege produces the MCU, using multiple directors and writers has caused fan discourse.


11 Hulk Won't Come Out

Avengers Endgame Professor Hulk

The Hulk may be one of the most powerful Avengers in the comics, but Avengers: Infinity War completely discarded this fact and made Hulk reluctant to jump into the fight. Redditor dthains_art said, "The entire movie seemed to be building up to having a moment like that for Bruce. But instead, nothing came of it, and Bruce just learned how to be Hulk again offscreen. It was definitely a weird creative choice."

Hulk not being included in the Avengers' biggest fight was confusing, but it did lead to a new storyline for Avengers: End Game and She-Hulk. While the days of a more savage Hulk may be in the past, perhaps he'll regress and the audience will some more inner turmoil for Bruce.

10 Steve And Sharon

Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter

Sharon seemed like a new chance at love for Steve Rodgers at the end of Captain America: Civil War, but by the time End Game finished, it was clear that the writers had dropped the storyline. Redditor StChas77 said, "Compounded by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It seems like during the Blip, Steve basically forgot all about her, seeing how she ended up."

Sharon not being included in End Game did have a positive outcome for audiences since it provided an avenue for her to become The Power Broker and potentially grow Sharon as a character in the future in the MCU.

9 Kingpin and Daredevil

Daredevil Kingpin Disney+

Kingpin reappearing in Hawkeye was a huge surprise to fans as it made Daredevil and all the non-MCU shows canon to the timeline; however, some fans felt Kingpin didn't get enough of a role in the Marvel television shows;

Redditor phantom_avenger said, "I feel like Kingpin should've been the main villain of The Defenders. He had a lot of control on the streets; it would only seem fitting that he would become a problem for not just Daredevil but for the rest of the street-level heroes as well." With Daredevil getting a new chance at popularity Marvel may fix Kingpin's lack of power in other shows and could give him a shot at being a top villain.

8 Taskmaster

Taskmaster's identity is revealed in Black Widow

Taskmaster had the potential to be a great MCU villain, but the way the villain's arc was handled felt like a bit of a let-down for fans who wanted to see Black Widow have a more complex villain than someone who was brainwashed.

Redditor A_Sarcastic_Woah said, "she had a pretty good build-up and had a backstory that would've made the perfect opportunity for them to have Natasha hit her with the gas-only for it to be revealed that she wasn't being controlled but just genuinely wanted to kill Natasha for what she did to her and I fully expected them to go that route..." Unfortunately, because of the delayed release of Black Widow, there was no room for Taskmaster to take a more impactful role with Natasha. Still, Taskmaster could show up in the MCU again.

7 The Blip Aftermath

Captain American and Bucky Barnes in The Falcon and the Winter Solider

The Blip changed the course of the MCU forever, but the aftermath of what happened to the non-heroes was barely addressed in any of the current shows and films. Redditor GladiusNocturno said, "It's so weird how the one production that actually touches on the snap heavily is Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This was a massive event that shook the entire MCU, and it's mentioned in some shows and movies, but it's not really explored outside of FATWS."

In the future, it seems the MCU is going to continue to move beyond The Blip without showing the people on the ground rebuilding, but with new storylines, fans will move on from the Infinity Saga and become invested in the latest saga

6 Natasha And Bruce

Black Widow and The Hulk The Avengers Concept Art

Bruce and Natasha starting a romance was never in the comic canon of Marvel, but the MCU decided to pair the two together in Avengers: Age of Ultron anyway. Fans were thrown by this decision but gave the storyline a chance.

Redditor gotmyjd2003 said, "I was annoyed that the Bruce/Natasha love story was teased for so long, and then there was no payoff." Even though the pairing could have been great, the lack of resolution to their love story kept this pairing out of the running to be one of the best MCU romances.

5 Bucky Being A Sidekick

Winter Soldier and Iron Man in Captain America Civil War
Bucky Barnes fights Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War

Bucky Barnes had a compelling storyline in the comic books where he became a full-fledged hero, but the MCU took Bucky in a different direction that not all fans were excited about. Redditor Hungrypeach44 said, "MCU Bucky broke free of his brainwashing and has been sidelined and made into Falcon's sidekick."

With Sam Wilson as Captain America, Bucky may be in the sidekick role forever, but the MCU has yet to confirm what is coming for the character or if he will return. Giving Bucky a chance to be a hero beyond The Falcon and The Winter Solider would be delightful for fans.

4 Ultron

A smug Ultron

What If? fixed the fact that Ultron was a one-off villain when he had the potential to be a multiple-movie evil presence. Redditor Fyrestone said, "He's one of the most terrifying looming threats the Avengers have to deal with, he's absolutely a Thanos-level threat and even surpasses him in some of his appearances. I was excited for AoU because the comic run of the same name was downright terrifying in how it depicted Ultron."

Ultron could have been more important to the MCU, but with the infinity stones becoming the main focal point, it would not have made sense for Ultron to continue to be the main threat to humanity when Thanos had been teased for so long.

3 Vision's Character Arc

Vision and Wanda laughing in WandaVision

Before WandaVision, Vision was pitched as one of the strongest and most intelligent characters but somehow was made to seem like a side character of little importance.

Redditor Master-Clothes-547 said, "But the problem is that they introduced him with such overpowered abilities, and he's part of such a big team which means at a writing standpoint, he can't just go around winning every battle himself..." By sidelining Vision in big battles, Infinity War and End Game were able to come to fruition but made Vision seem underdeveloped as a character.

2 Professor Hulk

Thor Ragnarok World War Hulk

Even though Hulk has some quotes that perfectly sum up his character, most of them were considered void when Professor Hulk came into the MCU. Redditor random_guyman said," I really thought they were leading to a big payoff at the end of IW or Endgame with real Hulk coming back out and whopping a**. But nope, we got silly, funny professor Hulk🤪"

As a character, Hulk has come under scrutiny the most in the MCU, but She-Hulk is giving new depth to Hulk that may fix some loose ends for Banner and Hulk.