MBFFL: Who is Ashley Bayne's Boyfriend & Baby Daddy?

Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life have gotten to know Whitney Way Thore's good friend Ashley Baynes very well, with many wanting to know who her boyfriend is. Ashley is the closest friend to Whitney, as the two have been through a lot together. Ashley is quite personable but tends to keep her private life to herself, leaving fans with some unanswered questions.

Ashley has been a staple on My Big Fat Fabulous Life since it debuted on TLC in 2015. Fans have enjoyed watching the bond between the two women grow, becoming even closer friends. Before Whitney ended her relationship with Chase Severino, Ashley was by her side to offer her friend an opinion while wedding dress shopping. Ashely has also picked up the pieces from other breakups and accompanied Whitney on numerous Thore family trips. Whitney, who took a trip to St. Lucia, was even given the honor of being Ashley's birth coach in 2018 and godmother to her first child.


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While a lot is out there regarding Ashley and Whitney's friendship, not much is known about Ashley's significant other. During an episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 10, Ashley shared some exciting news that she was expecting again but never mentioned who her baby daddy is. However, Ashley does post numerous photos of her and Eric Hadley, her alleged boyfriend, stating he is a very hands-on father but doesn't want to be a part of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Ashley and Eric have been together for six years and now have two children: Harper and August Daniel, who was born in May 2022.

Ashley Baynes from My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Viewers will get an in-depth look at Ashley's second pregnancy during My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 10. It was hard for Ashley to make the exciting announcement since, at the time, Babs Thore had just had a massive stroke and was recovering. Luckily, Whitney was thrilled with some good news after weeks of turmoil. Ashley was even thrown a gender reveal party with a drag queen in honor of her second child. Even though Eric was not shown, it is fair to assume he attended the party.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 10 has only started to heat up, but it looks like the main storyline will once again feature Whitney's love life. Many of her friends and even her father, Glenn Thore, have openly questioned the validity of Whitney's French beau. Even though she keeps arguing her boyfriend is real, fans aren't sure. At least fans know Ashley's man is real; he is just not a fan of the spotlight.