Marvel's Spider-Man Screenshot Shows The Horror Of Peter Without His Suit

A disturbing image from Marvel’s Spider-Man shows that Peter Parker is better off with the Spidey suit on. One of the achievements of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man adventure was the beautifully accurate animations of the Webhead’s heroic motions. Sadly, under the right circumstances, even the most polished aspects of the game, like the remastered Marvel’s Spider-Man's web-swinging gameplay for PC, can become terrifying to behold.


One of the advantages of translating Spider-Man into a video game is that the Webslinger is one of the more animated characters amidst the cavalcade of comic book heroes. Spider-Man's fast, graceful movements command a powerful presence during fight scenes, whether on paper or the big screen. Developer Insomniac Games realized these fast-paced motions could also make Spider-Man incredibly intuitive to control and prioritized these animations in Marvel's Spider-Man. Thanks to Insomniac's attention to detail, watching the Webhead unerringly zip and fight across an open-world New York City became a key selling point, and one that helped make Marvel’s Spider-Man one of the best Marvel games to date.

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However, Reddit user youkno_jayy, discovered that despite such care into the visuals, all it takes is one poorly timed screenshot to show its cracks. The disturbing image shared by youkno_jayy features Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man with his neck inhumanly elongated as he looks down upon the city. Youkno_jayy stated that this screenshot was taken from one of Marvel's Spider-Man's DLC missions, during a section where Peter Parker must go unmasked. Seeing his body contort in ways that would usually be hidden by the suit is something of a pain in the neck, and one that was better left to the imagination.

Peter Parker's Neck Is Helpless Without Spider-Man's Suit

Um, why does this look so weird? from gaming

While Peter's neck injury here was an unfortunate case of the game's camera getting too close for its own good, many other strange body contortions are the result of mods. Some mods fail to account for unforeseen moments like these, but others, like the playable Wolverine mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, play to the animations' strengths for a more seamless experience. Of course, sometimes it’s fun to load up mods to intentionally cause weird scenarios like youkno_jayy’s chiropractic incident, but this method often breaks more than a neck.

Though youkno_jayy's experience was authentic to the base game, a mod that allows fans to control Peter Parker without his suit for the entire game might be a fun thing to experience. With Marvel's Spider-Man available on PC, there will likely be more ridiculous modding scenarios in the Webslinger's future. For the time being, however, Parker should rarely go crime fighting without his suit to avoid future complications.

Source: youkno_jayy/Reddit