Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered: The Most Jaw-Dropping Moves, Ranked

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered has recently the web-slinging baddie-bashing action onto PC, and there's no better time to run through and compare some of Peter Parker's coolest attacks and acrobatics. Many players are getting to experience Spider-Man's video game reboot for the first time and check out his diverse and stylish move set. Slinging about the city, throwing weapons and environmental objects at enemies, slowing them down with web balls, and of course getting up close and personal with his arachnid strength and incredible agility. It's a hard pick as to which moves are the slickest and coolest, but some moves are just too iconic and stick with players even after beating Marvel's Spider-Man.


Marvel's Spider-Man was hyped up well before its release due to it not only featuring the evergreen favorite, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but also coming from the well-loved and respected talent over at Insomniac Games, and in true superhero fashion it actually managed to live up to the hype for most fans. With a diverse gallery of Peter's most memorable and powerful rivals such as Kingpin, Vulture, Shocker, Taskmaster, and many more, players will need all the fancy footwork and powerful punches they can acquire. Thankfully there's a potent agile skill set for Spider-Man to use against these varied foes, broken up with awe-inspiring travel via some of the best web-slinging in any Spider-Man game.

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Early looks at Marvel's Spider-Man's combat drew comparisons to the revered Batman: Arkham games and the freeflow combat system developed by Rocksteady Studios. However, Peter Parker is definitively more agile than Bruce Wayne, and Insomniac made sure to lean into this unique aspect of the web-head when creating Spider-Man's skill tree. As players progress, some truly impressive feats are unlocked, showing growth as Spidey works to thwart Mister Negative and the Inner Demons.

#5 - The Payback Closes The Distance On Would-Be Snipers

The Payback is a slick move that helps Spidey take out enemies that brought a gun to a web fight.

The Payback skill shows how a nimble defense can turn into a devastating offense. After investing deep enough into the Defender tree, Spider-Man gets access to this powerful skill. After executing a perfect dodge (the first skill acquired in the same tree) against enemies wielding pistols and rifles, Spider-Man can follow up with an attack that instantly closes the distance and knocks them out with a single blow. Considering the help Spider-Man's many villains prefer to employ, this skill is indispensable when getting ganged up on and cornered. It's a standard tactic in many games to support strong but slow and short-range units with weak but long-range units, so the player has to choose between whittling down the tankier goons and suffering potshots from the peanut gallery or evade the big guys and chop down their long range escorts. Evading a bullet at the perfect moment only to zip over to the gunner's location and instantly take them out of the fight is not only very useful, but also very slick.

#4 - The Leap Off Turns Goons Into Trampolines

Leaping off enemies in Marvel's Spider-Man is flashy and helpful in combat.

When dealing with some of the most annoying enemies Marvel's Spider-Man can muster, it's imperative to use Peter's agility wisely and often. After landing a quick blow, Spider-Man can use the momentarily stunned enemy as a springboard and vault into the air. This ability can be used both offensively and defensively, either to orient Spider-Man in the air to evade would-be grounded attackers, or to move his assault to the air, attacking airborne enemies hovering around him or attacking ground enemies from an airborne vantage point. It's a simple move that doesn't KO any bad guys on its own, but it shows off Spider-Man's agility and sets up for some really cool attacks and maneuvers the player can preform when facing down multiple threats.

#3 - The Perch Takedown Cocoons Bashed Baddies

The only thing more disorienting than this terrifying Spider-Man first person mod may be a baddie getting their head slammed against a steel beam by Spidey himself. Normal stealth takedowns have some good, if a bit goofy, animations, but ranged perch takedowns take it to another level.

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The one depicted above easily takes the cake for all ground or perch takedowns, cringing in empathy at how powerful of a concussion that poor witless thug must be suffering, then chuckling as all the nearby enemies seem to have not heard the loud bang of their comrade's skull against a local fixture the Spider-Man was perched on. Wrapping up the unconscious criminal in one of those trademark Spider-Man cocoons tops off the simultaneous coolness and silliness of the attack.

#2 - The Dodge Under Stylishly Dazes Its Target

Spider-Man's dodge under move is stylish and confounds the enemy.

The dodge under is a vital early tool both in Marvel's Spider-Man and its Miles Morales sequel that's very useful in nearly every encounter yet never seems to lose its charm. The dodge under is similar to the leap off, where Spider-Man lands a quick blow then evades, but rather than take to the skies, he uses a web shot to pull an opponent's leg to the side then slides in between the space provided, leaving the enemy momentarily dazed, the hero re-positioned, and the criminal's back exposed to Spider-Man's fists and feet of justice. While later in the game enemies will be a bit wiser to this trick it still allows a diverse approach to encounters and some quick repositioning while looking super stylish.

#1 - The Finisher Knocks Out Thugs With Slo-Mo Style

It's a fairly easy choice as to which move is the most stylish, since these over-the-top super moves are made to be bombastic and exciting. While some feel Miles Morales had better finishers, Peter Parker puts it all on the line with these fluid, slick animations. Be it average goon, well-equipped soldier, or the intimidating boss villains, when Peter's focus bar is full and the enemy's got an opening, he can deal an instant knockout to smaller units or a decent chunk of damage to bosses. These moves mostly revolve around nimbly dodging the enemy's attacks and retaliating with fibrous webs and vicious blows, and are tailored to certain units, such as using a mercenary's gun as a blunt object or gliding in between hyper-charged whips. The satisfaction of instantly eliminating a pesky enemy only makes the stylish attacks feel that much more powerful.

Considering Spider-Man: No Way Home's nod to Insomniac, it's safe to say the stylish combat of the promising Marvel's Spider-Man series isn't going anywhere anytime soon. With Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, the interest and demand for these agile brawler games featuring the wall-crawling hero will only grow beyond its Sony boundaries. After Miles Morales, it's now even more exciting to think what Insomniac can do to top its prior entries. With its time spent on tuning the dynamic action-packed gameplay increasing each game, it's expected that future releases will wow and dazzle players even more, and with rumors of both Miles Morales and Venom possibly becoming playable characters in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, it's hard not to be excited for the future of the web-slinger.