Marvel's Coolest Untouched Opportunity Is A Secret Wars Video Game

While Marvel continues to expand into a variety of video game adaptations, there are still plenty of concepts that it hasn't yet touched on that could make for incredible video games - Secret Wars being one of them. The storied history of Marvel Comics contains a multitude of storylines, worlds, and characters, to an extent that there will likely never be a shortage of content to adapt, let alone original stories to tell. However, one of the biggest is Secret Wars - both the original 1980s comic and the multiverse-themed 2015 follow-up.


The Secret Wars name has been used for two different events in Marvel Comics, one in the 1980s and one in 2015. The first Secret Wars saw heroes and villains alike transported to another planet, called Battleworld, and forced to fight for the amusement of a cosmic entity called the Beyonder. The event had many long-term repercussions, including Spider-Man receiving the Venom symbiote for the first time. The more recent Secret Wars featured the collision of several Marvel universes into a new Battleworld, with a cosmic-powered Doctor Doom reigning supreme. In the wake of this iteration of Secret Wars, the Ultimate universe was merged with the main 616 universe, bringing many iconic characters - such as Miles Morales - into mainstream canon. A video game adapting either of these stories would have the potential to be the most ambitious Marvel game to date.

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Though the premise of a Secret Wars game would be challenging to execute to its fullest potential, it would also be a natural evolution of Marvel's presence in the video game space. In the past, Marvel has released games with impressive ensemble casts such as the Ultimate Alliance series, and more recently Marvel's Avengers. A Secret Wars game could expand on that format and facilitate a connected Marvel video game universe. Both Secret Wars' premises offer fertile ground for large casts of interesting characters and engaging interactions between them, as well as a scale that would dwarf most other Marvel games. A Secret Wars adaptation could also branch beyond its own original universe, truly connecting to the history of Marvel games.

A Secret Wars Game Could Feature All Of Marvel's Past Games

Marvel Comics Secret Wars Cover

Bridging the barriers between different studios' Marvel games would be a difficult task, but if any game was worth it, it would be Secret Wars. With the concept of Secret Wars being so intrinsically linked to bringing together disparate corners of Marvel's mythology, it would be fitting to create a space where Marvel game heroes from over the years could meet. Games like the underrated Spider-Man: Edge of Time have showcased multiple Spider-Men, but a Secret Wars game could have all of those Spider-Men meeting Insomniac's Peter and Miles, or Square Enix's Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. In a time of ambitious video game crossovers, Marvel has enough ammunition to top them all on its own.

A Secret Wars game could be adapted in many ways, but the aspect binding all of them is sheer potentiality. The unprecedented nature of the original Secret Wars and the reality-bending twists of the newer version have become iconic events within Marvel Comics, and while they would be difficult to pull off, they are undoubtedly compelling concepts. With a diverse cast of Marvel's fantastic heroes (and villains) in play, gathered together for an epic, unparalleled story, a Secret Wars game is an opportunity that's too tantalizing to ignore.