Marvel Introduces THE Guardian Of The MCU's Multiverse

Werewolf by Night introduces the Man-Thing, guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, potentially a key player in the MCU's Multiverse Saga. The monstrous creature known as the Man-Thing is one of the strangest beings in the Marvel Comics universe. Created in a partnership between Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Garry Conway, and Gray Morrow back in 1971, the Man-Thing was the result of Super-Soldier experiments that went horrifically wrong.

Dr. Theodore "Ted" Sallis injected himself with Super-Soldier serum to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. The serum left Sallis vulnerable to mystical energies that swept through the Florida Everglades, and he was transformed into a whole new life form, a being who retains only a semblance of humanity. The Man-Thing became the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, a breach in the fabric of spacetime binding all dimensions together. The creature has already been confirmed to exist in the MCU, with Thor: Ragnarok showing its distinctive visage on the side of the Sakaaran Palace. This confirmed the Man-Thing had been one of the Grandmaster's past champions; given the Man-Thing had clearly traveled through a portal from Earth, the Easter egg may also have confirmed the existence of the MCU's Nexus of All Realities.


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The Werewolf by Night trailer features a Man-Thing first look, showing a remarkably comic-book-accurate interpretation of the creature. The Man-Thing's most distinctive power is also shown, as it uses a "burning touch" upon one of the monster hunters; anything that feels fear burns at the touch of the Man-Thing. It's unclear whether the Man-Thing will play a major role in the Disney+ special or whether it will instead simply make a cameo, but the brief glimpse in the trailer nonetheless sets up a figure who could be key to the Multiverse Saga. As the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, the Man-Thing would potentially be a force to be reckoned with in the coming multiverse war.

Man-Thing Suggests Werewolf By Night Is A Major MCU Addition

Werewolf By Night Man-Thing

There had been initial speculation Werewolf by Night was not really canon to the MCU; after all, the Disney+ special wasn't advertised on the initial Multiverse Saga slate. Stylistically, the trailer for Werewolf by Night shows it is unlike anything seen in the MCU to date, much to the surprise of some viewers. But the inclusion of the Man-Thing, a key player in Marvel Comics' multiversal stories, means this could be an important contribution to the overarching narrative of Phases 4-6. In the comics, the Nexus of All Realities is a rift that runs through every alternate timeline, and each reality has its own assigned protector. The Man-Thing's artificial mutation ties it to the mystical energies surrounding the Nexus, making it one of the most important guardians. This means the Man-Thing may be key in protecting Earth-616 from Kang the Conqueror and his multiversal war.

Werewolf by Night is unlikely to present the Man-Thing's origin simply because the creature has already existed in the MCU for years. Still, assuming the Man-Thing's story parallels that of the comics, this creature is the result of another wave of Super-Soldier experiments - comparable to those that created Isaiah Bradley or the Hulk. The novelization of The Incredible Hulk even hinted Thunderbolt Ross had been involved in other failed Super-Soldier projects, meaning the comparison between the Man-Thing and the Hulk may well be an entirely appropriate one. It will be thrilling to see more of this creature in Werewolf by Night.

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