Marvel Debuts the Freshest Fantastic Four Villains in Decades

Warning: SPOILERS for Fantastic Four #47Marvel's Fantastic Four finally have a new villain, and she can become one of the most convincing recurring enemies of the team seen in decades. Oubliette Midas, aka Exterminatrix, is a ruthless, sadistic woman raised by an evil counterpart of Reed Richards, which makes her the perfect villain for the Fantastic Four, who have always struggled to introduce new foes that can rival their classic ones such as Dr. Doom.

Dr. Midas and his daughter, Oubliette, were created by visionary writer Grant Morrison and artist J. G. Jones for Marvel Boy (2000). Midas was a man obsessed with obtaining the same cosmic powers as the Fantastic Four, and he engineered an artificial cosmic rays generator that gave him the power to turn everything he touched into gold. With the vast fortune amassed this way, Midas started hunting for everything valuable in the universe, including aliens, that he vivisected and studied. He even artificially manipulated her daughter's growth process to turn her into a perfect assassin, but at the same time abused her psychologically. Oubliette grew up to be a psychopath like her father, and after his demise, she is obsessed with rebuilding the Midas Foundation bigger and stronger than it has ever been.


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In Fantastic Four #47, by David Pepose, Juann Cabal, and Jesus Aburtov, Oubliette infiltrates the Baxter Building and manages to separate the Fantastic Four. The whole structure is surrounded by an energy field, with Johnny locked outside, the Thing trapped under a pile of rubble, and Reed locked inside his Think Tank, where he is looking for a solution for the problem of the Celestial Progenitor, who is about to destroy Earth as seen in the Judgment Day event. Sue is the only one who can save the Fantastic Four, but Oubliette's goal is actually Reed himself, or rather his knowledge, which she wants to plunder. It's possible that she is after what remains of the Watcher's knowledge that Reed absorbed during the Reckoning War, and that her father Midas unsuccessfully tried to obtain during Original Sin, dying in the process.


The villains introduced during the early Fantastic Four stories became some of the most iconic Marvel characters. Dr. Doom, Galactus, and even the Mole Man grew into the imagination of Marvel fans and took on a role of their own, most of the time no longer associated with the Fantastic Four. After that golden age, the new villains introduced failed to live up to those standards, and the Fantastic Four had to either keep recycling their old foes or be content with a sequence of forgettable enemies. However, Marvel finally remembered about two characters who were created in modern times to be the dark opposite of the Fantastic Four, but for some reason never crossed paths with the team before. Midas' origins make him the perfect villain for the family: his powers and fortune come from greed, not from a thirst for knowledge, and he plunders the universe rather than exploring it.

With Midas dead (for now), Oubliette can pick up the torch and be the villain who incarnates the opposite values that the Fantastic Four represent, a dark foil to the team and a real thorn in the side, especially with the resources of a rebuilt Midas Foundation. Marvel Comics has been trying to introduce a fresh new villain for the Fantastic Four for years, and Oubliette Midas is the best character to fill those shoes.