Marvel Confirms Why Spider-Man's Life Is So Hard (It’s Not Bad Luck)

This post contains SPOILERS for Amazing Fantasy #1000

In Marvel Comics' new Amazing Fantasy #1000 celebrating Spider-Man's 60th anniversary, Peter Parker comes to understand why his life is so hard compared to other heroes (and why it has nothing to do with bad luck). While the classic comics used to blame the "Ol' Parker Luck" for all of Peter's personal misfortunes the true reason goes much deeper, revealing itself to be an integral part of what makes any hero in the Spider-Verse a genuine Spider-Man.


Coming from a team of all-star writers and artists, Amazing Fantasy #1000 is an oversized anthology issue featuring multiple stories about Marvel's iconic Webslinger. Celebrating 60 years of Spider-Man, each adventure pays tribute to different aspects of the Wallcrawler and his legacy over the decades. To that end, "You Get It" by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Marco Checchetto features Peter Parker using The Fantastic Four's Forever Gate to meet with a collection of various Spider-Men from across the Spider-Verse, needing their advice about his core struggle.

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As he recounts in this story, Peter's grown incredibly tired of always losing and constantly paying the price in his personal life while operating as Spider-Man: "One step forward, two steps back. Every single day. All the time. I never win. And I'm just not sure how much longer I can take it". While Spider-Man initially gets pranked by the various Spider-Verse heroes who initially claim they're all generally happy with the quality of their superhero life, they eventually confirm the truth that they're all in the same boat. However, dealing with the constant consequences and still getting back up every time is what makes them all Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Gets Advice From Spider-Verse

Spider-Man's struggles have never come from something Peter Parker did or a never-ending string of bad luck. It's always been because of his willingness to leap into the fray, keenly understanding his responsibility to act with the power he wields in the Marvel Universe (regardless of the blowback). As such, the "spider-struggle" is a foundational element of what makes Peter Parker Spider-Man to begin with.

Being Spider-Man is all about having the power to do something and get involved combined with the power to get back up when things get really hard. While it might not have been the advice or guidance the main Spider-Man was expecting or wanting, it does seem as though it was an encouragement for the Webslinger all the same as he returned to his home universe. Amazing Fantasy #1000 is on sale now.