Marvel: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Sinister Six

Though some people had a mixed opinion about the extended cuts in Spider-Man: No Way Home, many fans still wonder how the film would have fared with a Sinister Six storyline since it was technically one villain short of becoming one. The Sinister Six is perhaps one of the most unsung supervillain teams in all of comic book history, first getting together in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, and has stuck around for over 50 years to wreak havoc on the wall-crawler's life.


Given the team's notoriety both in and outside of Spider-Man comics, it makes sense that Sony has been trying to bring them to the screen since 2012. While it remains to be seen whether they actually receive their own film, their notoriety is strong enough for them to have appeared in a number of memes.

Beating Up Spider-Man

Despite how frequently Spider-Man makes fun of the Sinister Six, the criminal organization is still a considerable threat to the wall-crawler. The dichotomy between goofy and deadly is what makes the group so memorable, a fact which is evidenced in the above meme.

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Perhaps, the thing which makes the Sinister Six so intimidating is the joy they take in their work. They might be going after Spider-Man out of revenge, but that doesn't stop the group from indulging in some fun while they beat up the webhead. It's unquestionably sadistic, but that goes with the territory of being a supervillain.

Waiting For The Reboot

Though the Sinister Six contains some of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains, the group has never properly showed up in any of the wall-crawler's movies. They were hinted at in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and many of Spider-Man’s villains teamed up in No Way Home, but the Six themselves have never been named on screen.

Beyond the lack of representation the Six have in the Spider-Man movies, the team has also only been adapted in four out of nine Spidey cartoons and neither live-action show. Given just how infamous the Six are, it’s criminal that they’re not in more Spider-Man media.

The Lizard Gets Left Out

The Lizard is one of Spider-Man’s more sympathetic villains. The villain started out as a scientist seeking to regrow his lost limb and ended up cursing himself with his animalistic alter ego, the Lizard.

Because Doctor Connors is an ally of Spider-Man’s and a good person at heart, the Lizard has rarely been approached to join the Sinister Six. This fact is reflected in the above image, which comments on how the Lizard (and Doc Ock) are always left out of the '60s Spider-Man memes.

Doc Ock’s Got It Under Control

While not explicitly about the Sinister Six, the above meme demonstrates just how destructive the team can be. They’re a powerful force that has the capability of wiping out everything in their path, a feat which has made them one of Spider-Man’s toughest foes.

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The other piece of information that can be gathered from the meme concerns Doc Ock’s leadership. Across multiple iterations of the team, he has led them in battles against Spider-Man. Yet, despite his strategic planning, he has never been able to curb the constant bickering and infighting, which Spidey exploits to defeat them.

Out of Their League

Comics were simpler back when the Sinister Six made their debut appearance. The novelty of supervillain team ups was fresh, Spider-Man didn’t have any allies he could call up on a cell phone, and the web head was still new to the superhero business.

In the 50 years since the Sinister Six debuted, things have drastically changed for Spider-Man, given the advances in technology and his friendships with heroes like the Human Torch. It’s all led to a reality where the Sinister Six are hard to take seriously as a threat, a fact which is evidenced by the drone strike meme.

The Boys Haunt Every Corner

Poking fun at one of the first scenes from Spider-Man: Far From Home, the meme does an excellent job of surmising how frequently the villains from the Sinister Six show up in Peter’s life. It doesn’t matter how many times they’re killed off or written out of the comics because the original villains will always return.

Beyond commenting on the refusal of writers to do away with iconic Spider-Man villains, the meme also highlights the recent phenomena of the Sinister War. That comic saw Spider-Man go up against several versions of the Sinister Six, many of whom are still active and constantly causing trouble for Spidey.

Poor Scorpion

The Sinister Six has featured a number of Spider-Man villains across its various iterations from Electro to Hobgoblin to Venom. One of the surprisingly less frequent members, however, is the Scorpion.

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While it’s criminal that the Scorpion hasn’t been featured in the main six more often, his exclusion does point to a positive aspect of the team, which is its selectivity. Only the toughest of Spider-Man’s enemies are allowed in, hence the reason there are so many Sinister Six knock offs.

The Almost Sinister Six

The almost sinister six meme

Via: Reddit

To date, no Spider-Man movie has ever featured a full Sinister Six, despite Sony’s efforts to put them on screen. The closest audiences came to seeing the team was in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which brought five of Sony's Spider-Man’s movie villains into the MCU.

While the meme highlights how frustrating it was for comic fans to be cheated out of a Sinister Six in No Way Home, it also does a good job of using the film’s dialogue to point out how Peter Parker treats his villains. There’s been some division over how the villains are portrayed in the movie, but it absolutely nails how dismissive Spidey is when insulting his greatest enemies.

The Sinister Six Can't Stay Focused

Despite being united to fight Spider-Man, the members of Sinister Six aren't friends. They have very little in common beyond their hatred of the web head, and their differences can sometimes prove volatile for the group.

While the team can be incredibly effective in dishing out the pain for Spider-Man as he pokes fun at them, they're typically undone by each member's ego. Sometimes, Spider-Man can manipulate them into fighting each other, but more often, it's simply a matter of one villain deciding they want all the glory, resulting in everyone else trying to take them down.

The "Sinister Six" Team Up

The Sinister Six was among the first villain teams in Marvel Comics, and while it only featured Doc Ock, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman, Kraven, and Vulture in its original incarnation, the team has gone on to feature nearly every major Spider-Man villain.

While the meme does a great job illustrating this fact, it also points to the reason why so many versions of the team exist. These are people who all hate Spider-Man with a burning passion. It doesn't matter that there are more than six people, who despise Spidey, and they're willing to forego the restrictions of numbering to team up and defeat the wall-crawler.