Manga's Answer to Iron Man Armors Up in Epic Guyver Cosplay

Manga's version of Iron Man comes to life in an incredibly accurate cosplay rendition of Guyver. The classic hero, created by Takaya Yoshiki in 1985, gets his powers from a symbiotic techno-organic armor that looks like a precursor of Iron Man's famous Extrembiote armor, and that cosplayer and artist Alex Brenot (@Sinistur on Instagram) recreated with impressive accuracy.

Guyver, known also as Bio-Booster Armor Guyver, is a sci-fi shonen manga that began serialization in Japan in 1985. It follows the story of Sho Fukamachi, a high-school student who finds a techno-organic armor called Guyver Unit, developed by the powerful Cronos Corporation. The armor acts just like one of Marvel's symbiotes and bonds to Sho, turning him into a target for Cronos and its genetically engineered soldiers, the Zoanoids, led by the powerful commanders called Zoalords. Years later, Cronos has taken over Earth and Sho and his friends are fugitives, leading a desperate resistance. Later in the series, it is revealed that Cronos and its secret leader, Archanfel, are connected to a mysterious race of aliens who visited Earth in prehistoric times, creating humans, and who are the original possessors of the Guyver-type armors.


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A lot of Guyver's appeal comes from the enticing and original design of its characters, both the Guyver Units and their enemies, Zoanoids and Zoalords. The Guyvers (more than one appears in the series) are living, semi-sentient organisms who merge with a host, enhancing its physical characteristics and maximizing their full genetic potential. This gives the armor its unique look as a mix of organic and technologic material, which Alex Brenot was able to recreate down to the smallest detail, including the Control Medal inserted in the forehead. As the cosplayer admitted, it took him years of work to achieve this result, and the effort is absolutely visible. What is even more incredible is that the costume is completely waterproof, as seen in the pictures below, posted on Alex's Facebook profile, along with many other impressive works.

Alex's dedication proves that love for Guyver is still very much alive among fans of the series, despite the fact they will likely never get to see its ending. Sadly, Guyver has been on hiatus since 2017, and its publication was very sporadic even before that. The author has admitted he lacks the inspiration to bring forward his work and has no plans to resume serialization soon. However, Guyver remains a classic manga and a milestone in the genre. Funnily enough, Marvel Comics' own famous symbiote, Venom, debuted just a few months before Guyver. The two share many similarities, including being created by mysterious all-powerful creatures (Knull, in Venom's case), and bonding to a human host. However, Guyver's appearance as a mechanical suit makes it more similar to some versions of the Iron Man armor, including the powerful Extrembiote, which Tony Stark created by using his own techno-organic virus, Extremis, to overwrite one of Knull's symbiotes.

Alex Brenot's ability to recreate the Guyver armor is nothing short of fantastic. It would be even more impressive if his next project would be the upgraded version of the character, called Guyver Gigantic. Hunter X Hunter fans were recently rewarded for their patience with the announcement of the return of their favorite manga. While Guyver readers keep waiting for similar news, they can find comfort in this fantastic cosplay that proves that Guyver is still alive in the hearts of its fans.

Source: Alex Brenot