Love Island USA Season 3: Where Are They Now?

Season 3 of CBS' Love Island USA culminated with the surprise couple of Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser winning the $100,000 prize despite remaining as friends for a large portion of the competition. Many felt the two had a contrived romance meant for TV only, which is why their split a few months after the show concluded came as no real shock to fans everywhere.

Now that one year has transpired since Love Island USA Season 3 has ended, fans may be keen to find out what Korey, Olivia, Kyra, Will, Bailey, Jeremy, Alanna, and Charlie are doing with their personal and professional lives in 2022.


Korey Gandy - Entrepreneur, Influencer

Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser on Love Island USA season 3 episode 27

Eventual Season 3 winner Korey Gandy has a brutal time in the villa before finishing strong with his friend-turned-romance Olivia Kaiser. Korey was linked to Kyra, Trina, Cashay, Florita, and Leslie before finally overcoming his heartbreak and settling down with Olivia to make a first-place finish. Since competing for love on the hit reality dating show, Korey has remained in his Virginia Beach hometown where he continues to increase his public presence as a social media influencer. By all accounts, he's currently single.

In addition to starting his own Only Fans account and trademarking his signature slogan "What the freak!" into a merchandising line, Korey continues to update fans via Instagram, where he has roughly 250K followers to date. He also has a Cameo account for fans to check out. This past summer, Korey has been traveling the globe, visiting the Mayan Ruins in Mexico, and continues to improve his fitness and health by spending a lot of time in the gym in 2022.

Olivia Kaiser - Model, Licensed Cosmologist

Love Island's Olivia Kaiser poses at home in a pink tank top

Anchorage, Alaska native Olivia Kaiser spent much of her time in the villa in a platonic friendship with Javonna Vega, one of the funniest Love Island USA cast members. When things didn't work out, many fans felt Olivia used Korey at the last minute to make it to the finals, which she did to the tune of a $50,000 first-place finish. Nowadays, Olivia lives in the much warmer Scottsdale, Arizona, where she works as a professional model, and licensed cosmologist specializing in PMU.

As a health and beauty expert, Olivia has launched her skincare service entitled LivBeautifullyAz, which focuses on microblading, lip blush, eyeliner touch-ups, color boosting, and more. When she isn't promoting her brand to her 251K Instagram followers, Olivia continues to work as a model represented by Debonair Management Group. Whether being her silly self on TikTok or taking recent trips to Disneyland, Hawaii, and Bel Air this past summer, Olivia seems happy and healthy as can be in 2022.

Kyra Lizama - Model

Kyra and Will pose together on Love Island USA

For much of season 3, Hawaiian native Kyra Lizama showed nothing but love, loyalty, and respect for her Day 2 match Will Moncada. While fans got angry that Kyra forgave Will too easily following his dramatic Casa Amor temptation, the two never wavered from each other and ultimately earned a deserving second-place finish. Alas, like all season 3 couples, the two ended their romance shortly after departing the villa. However, according to US Magazine, Kyra and Will rekindled their romance in June 2022 and have since acted "super coupley."

According to her Instagram, Kyra splits her time between her home in Honolulu and Los Angeles, where she works as a model and promotes her fashion looks for fans to purchase. Kyra is also active on TikTok, Cameo, and Snapchat, and all but confirmed her reunited romance with Will by posting Instagram photos of her time in his native Colombia very recently in September 2022.

Will Moncada - Model, Content Creator

Kyra and Will enjoy a boat date on Love Island USA

Will Moncada showed immediate charm upon entering the villa on Day 1 and after a brief Casa Amor flirtation, wisely returned to his beloved Kyra to finish as worthy runners-up. While the two split a few months after the popular reality dating show ended, Will and Kyra reportedly reunited in June 2022 (per US Magazine). In September 2022, Will posted Instagram photos of himself and Kyra in his home city of Medellín, Colombia (the third photo in the carousel), suggesting the two are taken their relationship to the next level.

When Will isn't traveling the globe with Kyra, he calls Los Angeles his home and place of work, where he has several creative pursuits. Per his snipfeed account, Will offers personalized shoutout videos and personalized Zoom conferences to talk with fans about everything from veganism, fitness routines, diet plans, and the like. In the meantime, Will works as a professional model and promotes eco-sustainability in places like Colombia.

Bailey Marshall - Model, Influencer

Bailey smiles wide on her Love Island USA promo image

Despite entering the villa on Day 26, Portland, Oregon native Bailey Marshall managed to strike a genuine bond with Jeremy Hershberg and end up in a respectable third place. Alas, the two ended their romance a few short weeks later. While Bailey has since returned to Portland, she no longer works as a marketing intern and has parlayed her TV presence into a modeling career and to become a social media influencer.

Aside from working with such fashion brands as Princess Polly, Bailey stays engaged with fans in 2022 by remaining active on Instagram and TikTok, sharing her recent time at Coachella this past spring as well as unseen bits from her time on Love Island. Although she spent far less time than any finalist other than Alana Paolucci, Bailey has made the most of her time on the guilty-pleasure dating show. Most recently, Bailey went hiking in the blistering Oregon sun (per Instagram).

Jeremy Hershberg - Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Fitness Model

Jeremy poses by a pink backdrop for Love Island USA

Because New Yorker Jeremy Hershberg was linked to Trina, Aimee, Florita, and Genevieve before ultimately finding a match in Bailey, he was considered the resident playboy himbo of season 3. Fair or not, Jeremy has moved on from Bailey by focusing on her career as an entrepreneur, content creator, and professional fitness model in 2022. By all accounts, he still resides in The Big Apple and is currently single.

After appearing in a nude Barstool Sports commercial in January 2022, Jeremy has focused his attention on his love of movies and created @Cinemaphoric, a digital space featuring stills and clips of favorite films. Also partnering with the credit card solutions company Score Navigator, Jeremy recently spent the warmer months in 2022 in sunny Miami, which fans can check out on his Instagram.

Alana Paolucci - Professional Model

Alana poses in the jingle for Love Island USA

Although she entered the villa on Day 26, New Yorker Alana Paolucci stood out for going after Charlie Lynch without apology even when he was in a committed relationship with Cashay. When Charlie ultimately chose Alana over Cashay, the two mustered just enough fan votes to finish in fourth place. While Alana and Charlie didn't last very long after the show ended, she's continued to put her best foot forward in 2022 by continuing her professional modeling career and recently appearing in an Elle photo shoot, which she shared on Instagram this past summer.

According to her Instagram bio, Alana currently resides in Los Angeles and works as a professional model represented by Natural Models LA and Nous Models. Active on TikTok and Cameo as well, Alana has remained engaged with Love Island fans despite enjoying a relatively short stint on the hit reality dating show.

Charlie Lynch - Fitness Model, Entrepreneur

Charlie cocks his head and smiles for his Love Island USA promo image

As for the last finalist Charlie Lynch, the Houston native experienced quite a bit of backlash following the Cashay debacle, only to sever ties with Alana not too long after leaving the villa. Moving back and forth between San Diego and his native Houston, Charlie lists his vocations on Instagram as being a fitness model and entrepreneur in 2022.

Whether promoting Lube Life or BlueChew products or promoting Rhude threads on a recent trip to Las Vegas this summer, Charlie is clearly making professional moves by branching out from his fitness modeling and moving into fashion. On a recent trip to Puerto Rico this summer that he shared with fans on Instagram, Charlie intimated his single status by captioning a Birthday post in Cayo Icacos with, "Work on yourself and vibe along for a moment. Every season doesn't require company." Indeed, if season 3 of Love Island USA taught fans anything, it's hard for contestants to keep the company they left the island with.

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