Love Island UK: The 10 Best TikToks About Season 8

Now that the Love Island UK finale has aired on Hulu, fans everywhere are able to celebrate the final four couples and the lovable winners, Ekin Su and Davide. Season 8 was such a fun one from start to finish, and many of the original islanders made it all the way through the end.

Social media responses or content created from the show is another fun part of being a Love Island fan. These TikToks from fellow fans and people that have been on the show are no different and are sure to bring some laughs.

Dumped Islanders Throwing Shade

Not long after being dumped from the island, Summer, Chyna, Billy, Josh, and Deji made this little TikTok implying that the show dropped after they left. While they were all fun presences in the villa, anything about the show becoming more "boring" wouldn't have much to do with their absence.


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The show does tend to have a drop in drama near the end of every season as it gets closer to the finale, and all of these islanders left pretty late in the game. There's always a point where the drama is over and all that remains is the love, but this is still a fun video posted by @summerbotwex herself.

These Heels Are Too Dang High

It's a little hard to tell who is wearing these super high heels, but judging by the long, dark hair, it is likely either Gemma or Paige. No matter which Islander is sporting these shoes, one thing is clear: her feet hurt!

This TikTok user noticed and made this quick little TikTok highlighting how this woman is walking and taking pressure off her feet and paired it with lyrics that mention walking to help it all come together.

Indiyah Versus The Lizard

User @loveislandxvsp made this TikTok with this hilarious clip, presumably from an "Unseen Bits" episode in which Indiyah has a huge freakout after seeing a lizard. The reaction is so huge that it alerts everyone in the villa.

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This video is a hilarious, perfect compilation with captions that do a great job of walking TikTok scrollers through the story, and it seems like it would be enjoyable to people whether they watch Love Island or not.

Ekin Su For Prom Queen

Much like other dating reality shows like The Bachelor, the women that go on Love Island are expected to bring formal wear for evening events like dates, dance parties, or the luxurious finale if they make it that far.

Some reality contestants have spoken about what a large feat it is to bring a lot of this type of attire and pack it into a suitcase and keep it maintained on set. When preparing to go, women have talked about bringing options from almost anywhere whether it's sponsorships or borrowing from friends. @edieboo experienced an interesting moment of seeing Ekin Su in her prom dress.

Double Dami's In The Villa

This TikTok by the very astute and observant @zogiedegemini might be the best Love Island season 8 because it's wild, hilarious, and intriguing. Zogie noticed a double of Dami in the background of a scene that Dami is already in.

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While all viewers know this show is edited, just like this TikTok says, it's impossible for viewers to know just how edited it is. There's no mistake that this is Dami, he's wearing the exact same shirt, so it's evidence that there is some interesting image editing going on.

The Best Of Daddy Davide

The babies are always a fun and crazy addition to Love Island near the end of every season, but season 8 features something very special: Daddy Davide. He gave the role his all and still somehow became even more hilarious and charming, though he and Ekin were ultimately beat out for the Love Island "Best Parents" title by the amazing Dami and Indiyah.

During his time as a dad to a doll, Davide went above and beyond, even making homemade babyfood for little Irene and giving her a personalized tour of the entire villa, complete with family stories. Luckily, @iovetashaa made this lovely compilation for Davide fans to enjoy.

Love Island Horror Movie: The Curse Of The Yellow Bean Bag

Another tale from "Unseen Bits" and "Aftersun" is the curse of the yellow bean bag, which clearly left an impression on Ekin Su since she keeps talking about wanting her and Davide to have one, even though it may have contributed to some of their biggest fights on Love Island. Islanders believe that those who sit in it are shortly after in for drama.

This TikTok once again by @loveislandxvsp is excellent editing with added horror movie-sounding music to take the curse of the yellow beanbag and the Islander's superstitions to the next level.

Zara Seeing Adam Enter The Villa...Again

Paige may have admitted to her mom on the show that she didn't know anything about Adam Collard and his first time around on the villa, but there are plenty of people who remember it well, one being his ex Zara McDermott whose time on the show with Adam ended in a heartbreaking Love Island dumping.

Zara's current boyfriend @samthompsonuk made a TikTok out of Zara's genuine reaction to the reveal of Adam returning to the show, and her face says it all. It's a priceless moment as she is absolutely shocked and finds it hilarious while Sam Thompson has his own hysterical, comedic narration going the whole time. He could replace Iain Sterling if he ever needed to.

Couple That Do Impressions Together

Ekin Su and Davide are an incredible couple and are both popular fan favorite Islanders in their own right, and clearly the majority agree. Now is a good time to enjoy some of their best moments, and one of them is them doing impressions of each other.

TikToker @ioveeisland put this clip of them doing impressions of each other to some music which somehow makes it even cuter and highlights, even more, how meant to be they are. They are ridiculous, yes, but an incredible, loving type of ridiculous.

It Is What It Is Until It Isn't

It's always fun when a talented fan like @crispinion takes something that was already pretty entertaining on the show and makes it into something new that's amazing in a different way. In one of the most dramatic recoupling moments on Love Island, Dami and Indiyah returned from Casa Amor and both had some choice words.

This TikTok takes their original interaction and runs with it, playing with the idea that they both just wanted to keep talking and one-upping each other to get the last word in. It's a hilarious moment and now Dami and Indiyah can laugh at it too.