Love Is Blind: Deepti Reveals She Met Kyle's New Girlfriend

Deepti Vempati gushed about how "sweet" Kyle Abrams' new girlfriend is following the reality star's breakup after Love Is Blind season 2. Deepti and Kyle enjoyed a short-lived romance after wrapping the second installment of the hit Netflix series. The two didn't strike a match on Love Is Blind. But by season's end, Kyle professed his regret for choosing Shaina Hurley over Deepti. He had his heart broken during the group honeymoon trip. Meanwhile, Deepti made it through the marriage experiment with Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee before realizing at the altar that Shake wasn't that into her. She became a fan-favorite after choosing herself instead of marriage with Shake.


At the Love Is Blind season 2 reunion, Kyle first expressed his interest in pursuing Deepti. Fans were in full support considering how they both got snubbed by their chosen mates. Following the reunion, Deepti and Kyle spent months fueling dating rumors. The pair was spotted in Chicago looking extra cozy with one another. Once the After The Altar special episodes aired, Deepti and Kyle finally confirmed their romance and shared how they navigated their short-lived fling before deciding they were better off as friends.

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Since their split, Kyle has found love with someone new, and Deepti is in full support. "I've met her a couple of times because Kyle and I run into each other all the time in Chicago at the same events and things," Deepti revealed on the Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe podcast. She went on to gush about how "sweet" Kyle's new girlfriend is and how well they got along. "She even came up to me and was like, ‘You're so sweet!' And I'm like, 'Yeah, of course, I'm not going to be a mean girl. That's not who I am at all,'" Deepti explained. While reflecting on her new friendship dynamic with Kyle, Deepti shared her high hopes for her ex-boyfriend. "I just want him to be happy and do whatever he wants with his life," she added.

Love Is Blind's Deepti Admits It Was Hard To See Kyle With Someone Else

Love Is Blind's Deepti

With the Love Is Blind stars returning to friendship status, Deepti said things are different between her and Kyle considering their romantic history. "It was too hard for me to see him with other women," she admitted. "I don't know how he felt because I was dating someone else too." Deepti and Kyle lasted longer than each of their short engagements on Love Is Blind. Kyle was dumped by Shaina during the group couples trip. Shaina felt like she reluctantly accepted Kyle's proposal despite her initial feelings for Shayne Jensen. Deepti and Shake hit it off in the pods. But once they met in person, Shake couldn't hide his lack of attraction for his fiancée.

Deepti picked up on his disconnect and knew Shake wasn't the man for her. But after watching Love Is Blind, she was more hurt to find out all the bad-mouthing Shake did behind her back. Kyle and Deepti's breakups are among many from Love Is Blind season 2. Most recently, the only two surviving couples announced their divorces within one week of each other. Fans have become skeptical about the credibility of Love Is Blind and if people are joining for the right reasons.

Love Is Blind season 3 premieres October 19 on Netflix.