Loki Season 2 Casts Everything Everywhere All At Once Breakout

After trying his hand at the multiverse in the absurdist dramedy, Loki season 2 has cast Everything Everywhere All at Once breakout Ke Huy Quan for another dimension-hopping adventure. The series is breathing rarified air as it's one of the only Marvel Cinematic Universe shows on Disney+ to receive a season 2 order alongside What If...?, which recently scored a posthumous Emmy win for Chadwick Boseman's final T'Challa performance. The events of Loki season 1 found Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief back at the Time Variance Authority, but in a separate timeline than the one he started in, where Kang the Conquerer is ruler. New footage from this month's D23 Expo showed the first glimpses of Loki jumping through the multiverse and trying to rectify his fractured timeline.


Multiverse stories have exploded in popularity the last two years, none perhaps better (or certainly more surprising) than A24's Everything Everywhere All at Once. Exploring the intergenerational conflict of a Chinese immigrant family and an insanely surreal plethora of other versions of the main characters all dealing with a world-ending bagel, the movie became the studio's biggest box office hit, crossing $100 million against its $25 million budget. While serving as a great vehicle for the film's star, Michelle Yeoh, it also gave several other actors an Oscar-worthy showcase, including Quan, in a breakout performance. Playing Waymond Wang, the family's patriarch who fights with kindness, and occasionally a fanny pack full of fish tank gravel, Quan scored widespread acclaim for his mixture of humor, heart and action prowess in his first major action movie since The Goonies. Now, Quan looks to be continuing his acting resurgence with one of the biggest franchises in the world.

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Now, less than a year after it hit theaters, Everything Everywhere All at Once breakout star Ke Huy Quan has joined the cast of Loki season 2. The announcement was made at Marvel's D23 Expo panel in Anaheim, of which Screen Rant was in attendance, though details on his character were kept under wraps. As Quan joined the stage for the Marvel presentation to elated applause, the actor joked, “I’m very confused: Is this not the Indiana Jones panel?”

Sylvie and Loki holding hands in Loki

The Loki casting will continue a comeback streak for Quan, who began his career as a child actor in the '80s. Playing Data in The Goonies and Short Round in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Quan largely disappeared from acting until Everything Everywhere All at Once, citing a difficulty in landing acting jobs as an adult in the US. He joins returning confirmed cast members for Loki Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Eugene Cordero, and Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie, the love of Loki's life. Production for the show began in the UK earlier this summer, with season 1 writer Eric Martin penning every episode and Moon Knight directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead helming most of season 2.

Though starting his career with what some feel to be one-dimensional, comic relief characters, many agree that Everything Everywhere All at Once finally gave Ke Huy Quan role of substance and dimension while still utilizing his comedic talents and unique voice. With Loki season 1 already providing audiences a great array of unique characters including Sylvie, Hunter B-15, and a smattering of Loki variants, the chances seem high that Quan's character will be a worthy addition to the multiverse. Only time will tell when Loki season 2 premieres on Disney+ in mid-2023.

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