Kung Fu Panda: 10 Memes That Sum Up The Movies

Fans of the Kung Fu Panda series have good reason to rejoice with the announcement of a fourth film set to release in 2024. The martial arts comedy has many elements that recur throughout the series, which fans have illustrated perfectly through memes.

These range from the way Po behaves in general to the mannerisms exhibited by masters like Oogway and Shifu. With Kung Fu Panda having many satirical aspects attached, it’s appropriate that fans have used memes as a medium of sharing how the series can be summed up. Checking out these funny posts is the perfect way to get hyped for Kung Fu Panda 4.


10 People Have Grown Up With The Movies

Kung Fu Panda happens to be one of the longest-running animated franchises to keep releasing content, as many TV shows and spin-off media have been released along with the movies.

This meme shows how someone who was only three years old during the first film’s release in 2008 will be a 19-year-old in 2024 for Kung Fu Panda 4. The movies have kept an entire generation of children entertained and there’s no doubt that many adults will be checking out the fourth installment.

9 How The Dragon Scroll Worked

Kung Fu Panda is considered among the best films in Dreamworks animation history mainly because of the balance between humor and the themes involved. Po learned that becoming the Dragon Warrior meant accepting himself, which is best described using this meme.

Master Oogway was aware that the true Dragon Warrior would be able to see their self-worth. The scroll was designed in such a way that the holder would see themselves. This meme sums up how this aspect worked, as viewers need to look just a little deeper to understand.

8 Po And Mr. Ping's Turbulent Relationship With Noodles

Po was brought up by Mr. Ping with the belief that noodles should be Po’s biggest passion. This meme makes a joke out of the fact that basically everything Mr. Ping talked about with Po had to do with noodles.

Po’s journey began with him reluctantly going on with Mr. Ping’s hopes that he would carry on the family business. The meme also captures Po’s disappointment that his life didn’t have much happening until he got his chance to be the Dragon Warrior.

7 Constant Action Going On

Kung Fu Panda 4 is one of the more exciting Dreamworks projects to look forward to because of the action that is certain to be on display. This meme proves how the films never slow down in pace and pausing just about any moment will reap awkward results.

The scene in the meme is when Po is in the middle of a fight scene, which is how the whole movie will appear should someone pause. Fans enjoy the series with the guarantee that there will be incredible sequences to behold.

6 Master Oogway's Wisdom Is Legendary

Master Oogway fits the wise old man trope that has been present for decades. This meme compares Oogway to the likes of three other wise figures in pop culture, which are Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars’ Master Yoda.

Oogway’s role in the Kung Fu Panda films is to provide guidance to everyone involved. His vagueness is deliberate because he wants the others to figure things out on their own. Oogway’s confusing wisdom even showed up from the Spirit Realm in the third film.

5 How Tai Lung Felt When Po Was Selected Over Him

Tai Lung was furious when he was refused to be given the title of the Dragon Warrior. Not only was Tai Lung enraged for his rejection at Master Oogway’s hands, he was beside himself with anger when he learned a panda was the designated Dragon Warrior.

This meme illustrates best how Tai Lung and Oogway saw Po from their perspective. Where Oogway was concerned, Po was a welcome surprise while Tai Lung thought the panda stole his glory. Even Po’s face in the meme is fitting since he’s happy just about all the time.

4 Shifu's Attitude Toward Teaching Po About Inner Peace

Shifu wasn’t exactly the most helpful teacher when Po was searching for inner peace. Although he didn’t shun Po, Shifu had the general attitude shown in this meme, in that he just didn’t think teaching Po was his problem. As the person who had successfully trained Po into the Dragon Warrior, it’s understandable why Shifu felt he’d done enough.

Moreover, the meme shows Shifu’s usual demeanor of not caring, which is just an act he puts on to hide how much he really does care. He was able to achieve inner peace by understanding where he needed to focus his efforts and putting all his effort into training Po here wasn’t what he needed to do.

3 How Po Thought He Was Born

Did we learn nothing from kung fu panda? from memes

The first movie made no effort to explain why the panda Po was the son of a goose, with the implication that viewers were just supposed to accept it. This meme pokes fun at the concept by feigning Po and Mr. Ping’s dynamic as factual in the real world.

Kung Fu Panda 2 chose to directly address it when Mr. Ping revealed that he’d adopted Po, which hilariously came as a shock to the latter. Po relaying this fact to others was a recurring gag in the movie for how he was the only one who didn’t see this coming.

2 The Valley's Over-reliance On Noodles

Kung Fu Panda is the best movie from memes

There are a lot of different personalities found in Kung Fu Panda, but the love of noodles unites everyone in the valley. The few times when something monumental happens that captures the attention of all the people is when the distribution of noodles is halted.

This meme became reality when Po gave up selling noodles and was selected as the Dragon Warrior. It came back into importance by the end of the movie when Mr. Ping encouraged Po to go back to fight Tai Lung, which is when Po again left the noodle cart. As it turns out, something is to be expected every time Po ditches his work with the noodles.

1 How Shifu Trolls Po To Teach Him

Kung Fu Panda meme from memes

Shifu’s way of teaching Po in the first movie was to basically troll him into learning. The first time Po displayed any talent in martial arts was when Shifu dared him to eat, only to keep snatching his food. The resulting fight has become a popular scene in the series.

It also established how Po needs a different kind of encouragement to bring the best out of him. Po managed to best Shifu during their exchange, which confirmed in the master’s mind that Po was very determined when the time called for it.

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