Kreese & Terry Silver Have Both Created A Cobra Kai Season 6 Villain Problem

Cobra Kai season 5 focused on both Terry Silver's running of the titular dojo and John Kreese's stint in prison, with both characters ending in a way that creates a villain problem for season 6. Cobra Kai season 5 picked up almost directly after season 4, with Terry Silver expanding Cobra Kai across the valley and making the dojo stronger than ever. Similarly, John Kreese is spending time in prison after being framed by Silver for the assault of Stingray, with Kreese secretly planning his revenge on his old protege.


Since Kreese's introduction at the end of Cobra Kai season 1, he has been one of the show's primary antagonists. As the conflict between him, Johnny Lawrence, and Daniel LaRusso escalated, Kreese opted to call in some backup in the form of Terry Silver. Silver then became a secondary antagonist in season 4, before enacting a plan to put himself at the head of Cobra Kai. Throughout season 5 and even parts of season 4, the show was setting up Silver as its main villain.

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The Cobra Kai season 5 ending, however, indicates a real villain problem going into season 6. The way in which both Kreese's story has gone thus far, and how LaRusso, Chozen, and Lawrence dealt with Silver makes it almost impossible to see who will be the final villain of the show going into what should probably be the final season. While there are some possibilities regarding season 6's villain, almost everything seems wrapped up fairly neatly in Cobra Kai season 5's ending, creating the villain problem for the next season of the hit Netflix show.

Kreese's Arc Makes Him An Almost Impossible Final Villain

John Kreese escapes from prison at the end of Cobra Kai season 5.

Firstly, the main reason why Kreese seems like an impossible villain for Cobra Kai season 6 is due to his end in season 5. Kreese spent the majority of the season in jail, plotting his escape and inevitable revenge against Terry Silver. At the end of the season, Kreese enacted the first part of that plan and escaped from prison by faking his own death, before assaulting the prison guards and escaping disguised as a doctor. This spells out only one possible story for Kreese in season 6: being on the run from the law. Given the nature of his escape, it makes sense that Kreese would be on the run after failing to serve his entire sentence and assaulting multiple people in his escape.

While many thought Kreese would team up with Johnny and Daniel, this proved not to be the case outside of telling the duo about the Sekai Taikai Silver wants to join. Instead, his escape from prison puts him in a difficult position for season 6 meaning his return to Cobra Kai is unlikely alongside his revenge on Silver. This reason, paired with his somewhat fatherhood of both Johnny and Tory, would make John Kreese an impossible, not to mention underwhelming, final villain for the show.

Season 5's Terry Silver Ending Means He Can't Be Cobra Kai Season 6's Villain

Terry Silver in Cobra Kai season 5

Much like Kreese's prison escape, the season 5 ending for Terry Silver makes him an unlikely villain for Cobra Kai season 6. At the end of season 5, the kids from Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang, with the help of Tory, discover the true meaning of Stingray's assault and break into Cobra Kai to expose Silver to the karate world. While Silver covered his tracks in this department, Tory exposed Silver's paying off of the ref during the All Valley Tournament of season 4, successfully imploding Cobra Kai and leading to Silver's arrest (with help from the latter's assault of Johnny, Chozen, and Mike Barnes).

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With Silver behind bars at the end of season 5, this makes his return in season 6 incredibly unlikely. Much like Kreese in season 5, Silver will spend most, if not all, of Cobra Kai season 6 in prison and may not even appear in the season at all. Unfortunately, this takes away Cobra Kai's perfect final villain, as Terry has certainly established himself as the most threatening, capable villain the show has had thus far. Cobra Kai's disbandment, alongside Silver being in prison, makes Silver's villainous presence in season 6 all but impossible. Silver could potentially escape, and could even seek help from fellow outlaw Kreese, yet with their current relationship, this also seems unlikely.

Any Other New Villains Would Be Underwhelming And Unearned

Cobra kai karate kid villains terry silver dutch ned randall

All this being said, there are some other villains who could be brought in for Cobra Kai season 6 outside John Kreese and Terry Silver. For example, season 5 introduced many of Terry's accomplices including Alicia Hannah-Kim as Kim Da-Eun and her other sensei. One of these characters could become season 6's villain, yet it would be difficult to see how given their defeat at the hands of Johnny, Chozen, and Mike, and their inferior skill and threat to Terry Silver. Also, with Cobra Kai's students now being disillusioned with the dojo, the sensei alone would be difficult to make threatening villains without their students.

Another possible villain is someone set up all the way back in The Karate Kid Part III: Kim Sun-Yung. Kim Sun-Yung was Terry Silver's and John Kreese's master who taught the duo the way of the fist. These are the same teachings John and Terry have been imparting to Cobra Kai's students since the original Karate Kid trilogy. While using the unseen origin of Cobra Kai itself as a final villain is an intriguing concept, introducing someone who has no direct quarrel or rivalry with Johnny and Daniel like Silver or Kreese would be extremely underwhelming and unearned.

One thing that is worth noting is that, despite Cobra Kai season 5 seemingly featuring the writers backing themselves into a corner in terms of season 6, the show has not yet faltered since its premiere. The showrunners and head writers of Cobra Kai (Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg) have such a firm grip on the show's tone, characters, and storylines, that whatever they inevitably come up with in Cobra Kai season 6 (with Jackie Chan being a popular fan theory) will surely be just as impressive as the 5 seasons before it. That being said, the main issue that the team behind Cobra Kai needs to address first and foremost is season 6's villain problem, and how that can be solved going into the final stretch of the show.