Jensen Ackles Dons Excellent Batman Costume For Halloween

Batman leaping with his flowing cape behind him in The Long Halloween cover art

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles shared photos of his impressive Batman Halloween costume on Instagram, earning likes from fans and fellow Batman-franchise actors. For 15 seasons, Ackles has played Dean Winchester on the cult-favorite television show Supernatural. This fall, the final season of the popular series is airing on The CW. The final season will also include an episode directed by Ackles.

With his latest costume, Ackles may be earning a reputation for his high-quality Halloween costumes. Last year, the Supernatural star dressed as the Red Hood from the Batman comics. That costume was a subtle nod to his devoted fanbase. Ackles voiced the Red Hood in the acclaimed 2010 animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood, and fans of that movie have lobbied DC to cast Ackles as a live-action Red Hood. So far, there are no plans to introduce that character into the DCEU, but that hasn't stopped Ackles from choosing another DC-inspired Halloween costume.


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On Instagram, Ackles shared a gallery of his excellent Batman costume, which includes a very realistic bat cowl. The typical Batman Halloween costume might include a cheap cape, unflattering gray-and-black clothing, and a rubber mask with the bat symbol, but Ackles has taken his costume game to a whole new level. Of course, there's a reason the costume looks so good: the actor got professional help. According to his Instagram post, Ackles was assisted by Clockwork Shadow Creations, a professional costumer that works on Supernatural. The intricate, full-body Batsuit includes a utility belt, custom gloves, and a flowing black cape. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played Batman's father in Batman V Superman, even replied to congratulate Ackles on a job well done. In an Instagram reply, Morgan said, "AWESOME. And? I’m Batman’s dad. So this whole thing works for me! Happy Halloween brother!! Xo."

Halloween is an exciting time for comic book costume fans. This year, Joaquin Phoenix's Joker and Brie Larson's Captain Marvel were the most popular comics costumes. October 31 is not only the perfect excuse for fans to dress up as their favorite heroes and villains, but it's also a chance for celebrities to show off their own love of costumes. Ackles isn't the only genre actor taking advantage of Halloween. Every year on All Hallow's Eve, celebrities head to Instagram and Twitter to show off their costumes. This year, Charlie Cox and Tom Hiddleston swapped roles, with Cox dressing up as Loki and Hiddleston donning a Daredevil costume.

With his latest DC-inspired costume, fans may be wondering if they will see Ackles take on more DC characters in the future. Because television actors rarely get starring roles in high-profile movies like The Batman, it's more likely that Ackles will continue his voice work in the DC animated universe. With Supernatural coming to a close, Ackles will have plenty of opportunities to take on new roles. For now, fans can catch Ackles in the farewell season of the beloved show on The CW.