Jenny Is Criticized By 90 Day Fiancé Fans For Never Learning Hindi

Jenny Slatten has been criticized by 90 Day FiancĂ© fans for not learning how to speak Hindi while being in a relationship with Sumit Singh for a decade. In 2012, Jenny and Sumit’s relationship did not start on good terms as Sumit had catfished Jenny. In 2013, Sumit told Jenny that he had been lying about his identity. Jenny was able to move past the lies as she wanted to pursue a relationship with Sumit. In 2019, Jenny moved to India to continue her relationship but was unaware that Sumit was already married at the time. Sumit did his best to hide the truth and ensure that Jenny was kept separate from his family. Eventually, Jenny found out about his marriage. While Jenny and Sumit separated, Sumit agreed to divorce his wife to be with Jenny.


Since then, Jenny and Sumit have tried to move forward from previous challenges. Yet Sumit’s family was not supportive of the marriage. His parents were unsure about their relationship due to the thirty-year age gap between the two. Jenny Slatten was also not aware of cultural practices that caused Sumit’s family to be unapproving. Sumit’s mother was upset that Jenny did not know how to cook traditional food and did not fulfill her household responsibilities. The cultural differences between Jenny and Sumit became a major challenge during their relationship. Nonetheless, the couple decided to get married despite hesitation.

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On a Reddit thread, @Overwaifu made a comment about Jenny’s lack of interest in learning Hindi. The comment stated that Jenny has been in a relationship with Sumit for ten years but has made no effort to learn his language. It argues, “I’d think after so many years being with someone who speaks a different language you’d put in the effort to learn to better communicate.” Fans agreed with the comment as they would assume that Jenny would want to improve communication with her husband. Many believe that Jenny does not have any interest in understanding other’s cultures and lifestyles. Viewers are frustrated that Jenny has not put effort into changing her habits to help others or fulfill her responsibilities.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh from 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After season 7 looking serious talking to cameras

Others feel that she may not need to learn Hindi as she has been able to live in India and communicate in English for years. Many agree that it can be difficult to learn a new language that has completely different grammar. Some shared their personal experiences with having partners who speak different languages. Many find that they were able to learn basic phrases and words after a couple of years with their partner. Those people are shocked that Jenny Slatten has not shown that she has learned any Hindi. Others have seen individuals who did not learn the language their family speaks but have been able to communicate. Some enlist others to help translate or communicate using a language they all understand.

Viewers hope that Jenny begins making more of an effort to understand Sumit’s culture, lifestyle, and language. They feel it is unfair for Jenny to rely on Sumit alone to make their relationship work and to ensure good communication through him always having to speak English. Nonetheless, 90 Day FiancĂ© fans will be excited to get more updates on Sumit and Jenny in the future.

Source: @Overwaifu/Reddit