How to Unlock Soul Speed Enchantment in Minecraft (& What it Does)

Soul Speed in Minecraft is one of the more peculiar enchantments players cannot easily obtain. Much like many enchantments in Minecraft, Soul Speed cannot be found in chests found in the overworld. Due to this predicament, players will have to use other means to get this enchantment so that players can use it on their boots.

The Soul Speed enchantment is directly related to Soul Sand as it lets players move faster when walking over Soul Sand in Minecraft. This enchantment comes in handy when players are exploring the Nether or constructing farms in the Nether that uses Soul Sand. This particular block is most used for spawning a Wither mob, which players can farm if they need a Nether Star for a beacon.


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The most straightforward way to get the Soul Speed Enchantment book is from chests found in Bastion Remnants. However, there are other ways players can acquire the enchantment. For example, players can also toss or trade a Gold Ingot with a Piglin. After a few seconds, the Piglin should toss a random item toward players, and one of them can be the Soul Speed Enchantment book. Players can also kill Piglins wearing Gold Boots, as these mobs tend to drop this enchantment.

How to Enchant Soul Speed in Minecraft

Enchantments are passive buffs that can be applied to the player’s equipment, whether it be armor or weapons. Normally, enchantments are applied by using an Enchantment Table. For those new to Minecraft, this special table is crafted using Obsidian Blocks and Diamonds. Most enchantments, like the weapon boosting Sharpness, are found randomly when placing a weapon into the Enchanting Table. However, Soul Speed cannot be obtained in this way. Instead, players will need to get the special Soul Speed enchanting book. These magic books can be used to enchant items using an Anvil but can be difficult to come across. The Soul Speed Book, in particular, is found in the hands of Minecraft's Piglin mob. These pig people reside in the Nether and won’t fight the player as long as they wear some golden armor.

Speaking of gold, that’s what the Piglin use to barter for goods, including the Soul Speed Enchantment book. There is no guarantee that they’ll yield the book on the first trade, so players should bring lots of gold ingots into the Nether if they wish to obtain Soul Speed. This enchantment can only be applied to boots, and sometimes the Piglins will trade players' boots that have already been enchanted. How thoughtful! Of course, some Piglin drop Soul Speed boots when enchanted, but players will have to risk aggravating a horde of Pig monsters only to rely on chance. Trading golden ingots in Minecraft are definitely the safest method.

What is Soul Speed/How to Use it in Minecraft

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As noted, Soul Speed can only be applied to boots. This is because the Soul Speed enchantment improves the player's movement speed while walking on Soul Sand blocks. This terrain, one of the earliest features of the Nether, lowers movement speed whenever walked on. Trying to run away from a horde of monsters or evade the fireballs of a Ghast can be tricky while moving so slowly, and that’s where Soul Speed comes in.

This enchantment will allow players to navigate the Nether easily, or at least the vast fields of the Soul Sand Valley. Soul Speed boots will let players traverse this biome more comfortably amidst the chilling ambiance and expedite their exploration. For those able to get their hands on Soul Speed enchanted boots, here’s an idea: Line the floors of a castle or base with Soul Sand taken from the Nether, so if other players invade on a multiplayer server, they’ll be slowed down. Of course, this requires the Soul Speed boots to be worn constantly, but it will give the base owner a speed advantage in Minecraft if they have it.