How To Play as Ted Lasso & AFC Richmond in FIFA 23

The newest release of the annual FIFA series, FIFA 23, revealed Ted Lasso's AFC Richmond team as a playable group among the superstar legends of professional soccer. Innovative additions to mechanics in FIFA 23 allow players to experience competition on the pitch like never before, whether online against other players or within the single-player Career mode. Additionally, the dynamic nature of Ted Lasso's albeit unpredictable style of coaching translates to unique team players can use throughout this newest edition of soccer simulation.


The show Ted Lasso focuses on the titular Ted Lasso, an American football coach that unrepentantly becomes the coach of a classic Premier League soccer team AFC Richmond. Wacky circumstances follow as Lasso is woefully unprepared for the challenges that come outside his comfort zone as this comedy/drama focuses on his relationship with his athletes as he navigates a sport foreign to him. FIFA 23 confirmed Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond in a trailer prior to the game's launch, promising players a crossover between traditional professional soccer and this unorthodox fictional club.

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Thankfully, accessing Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond in FIFA 23 does not take long in modes like Quick Play or Online Seasons. Simply finding AFC Richmond under the Rest of the World section when selecting a team allows players to take control of Ted Lasso's team. Career and Ultimate Team modes are a bit more complex, however, and players have to put in a bit more effort finding Richmond's associated items, characters, and cosmetics.

Playing as Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond in FIFA 23

How To Play as Ted Lasso & AFC Richmond in FIFA 23

Despite the controversy regarding Lasso in FIFA 23, creating a Manager or Player through Career Mode or completing objectives in Ultimate Team to unlock AFC Richmond gear feels unique in an admittedly repetitive series. In order to access Ted Lasso in Career Mode, players must create a New Manager using the options within that mode. Once that's done, they can find Ted Lasso as an option under Rest of the World, which then leads to some customization before AFC Richmond then becomes optional as well.

Players may choose whatever League to play in, but those looking for an experience authentic to the show might bump them up into the Premier League straight away, as there are many start athletes on Richmond's squad. Several of the show's characters, like captain Roy Kent, Danny Rojas, and Jaime Tartt, appear in FIFA's most graphically realistic entry yet. Some players who may want to build a player for Richmond instead of Lasso as a manager need only to go through the "Swap Teams" option when creating a character before choosing AFC Richmond under Rest of the World to start a Career under Ted Lasso's command.

Although not all the challenges in Ultimate Team Mode have been added to FIFA 23 to unlock every item associated with Lasso and Richmond, some have clearly defined objectives. For example, to unlock the Stadium Theme for AFC Richmond, players must purchase three items from the Transfer Market, score a goal in any match type, and play three Squad Battle matches, as well as one Rivals, Match with the Richmond Crest equipped. Much like how FIFA 23 was once sold cheap, the AFC Richmond Badge unlocks incredibly easily, only requiring players to score one goal in any match type. Although over time, cosmetic kits and stadiums will have challenges posted, players should pay attention if they want to truly play every instance of Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond in FIFA 23.

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    The next in the yearly installments of EA's FIFA franchise, FIFA 23 returns as the final entry in the franchise under the association's name. The 2023 entry will bring back the Ultimate FUT features and will feature crossplay for many modes except for Co-op modes. In addition, Fifa 23 utilizes a new system engine known as "HyperMotion2," which analyzes data from real football matches to create an extensive array of animations for players in-game to create a more realistic experience. In addition to these features, FIFA 23 will include both World Cup modes for both men and women. This entry also includes Women's club football, starting with two real-life teams and adding more as the game's seasons advance. Sam Kerr will also be the first female athlete to appear on a FIFA cover. After FIFA 23, EA Sports will continue their Football games under the new moniker "EA Sports FC."