How To Participate In One Thing About Me TikTok Trend

The participants must be brave to join in on TikTok's One Thing About me trend. The people on TikTok love it when people embrace awkward moments. Content creators reveal their most cringe-worthy incidents through the beat of a popular song.

TikTok has plenty of memes and trends to spawn from the app. Still, popular trends seem to be recycled, made fresh with a new concept, sound, or filter. For example, the One Thing About Me trend surfaced over the summer using the song "Summer Background Jazz" while the user wrote out weird information about themselves or their lives. However, the phenomenon quickly evolved. Nicki Minaj's lyrics, "One thing about me, I'm the baddest alive," inspire people to spill the tea about their most traumatic experiences over the song's beat.


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Creating a One Thing About Me video on TikTok is easy but has more steps than most other trends. Start by heading to Spotify, Amazon Music, or another music streaming service and look up "Super Freaky Girl (Roman Remix) - Instrumental" by KPH. Then head into TikTok and tap the '+' to start a new video. Have the instrumental version of Nicki Minaj's song playing on a separate device like a computer or TV, and have it loud enough to be picked up by the phone's microphone. Next, press the red recording button and begin rapping a story-time by starting it, "One thing about me is," and continue the story to the song's beat. When the recording is complete, hit the checkmark at the bottom right of the screen to transition to the editing menu. At the top, hit 'add sound,' Tap the eyeglass to open the search bar, and type in 'Super Freaky Girl.' Find and select Nicki Minaj's song. Now, tap the sound menu again and select 'Volume' at the bottom right. Turn the 'Added sound' down and hit 'Done.' This way, Nicki Minaj still gets credit, but the user's rap with the instrumental version is what people hear. Add any additional editing, including captions and share.

Writing One Thing About Me Story-time Lyrics

One Thing About Me TikTok

The soul of this trend is the story shared during the rap. Start writing lyrics that match the rhythm of the song. Ensure that the lyrics capture a narrative that grabs the audience's attention. The lines may take a few rewrites to get the rhymes correct. Practice the song before recording.

TikToker Queens Spuddles uses the trend to tell a traumatic experience involving a dating game during a youth-group valentines party, where the group voted them the least dateable. Most of the shocks are hilarious, traumatizing, or frightening, but some end on a happier note. For example, a TikTok by user Brenna Beatty went viral after they told a romantic tale about meeting their fiancé and their trials before becoming a couple.

If deciding to post a One Thing About Me video, ensure the story isn't so embarrassing that it would be regrettable if posted. If the user posts the footage publicly, anyone can view it. While there are some settings where users can prevent saving the video natively through the app, there are many ways people work around it via screen recordings and other third-party methods. While deciding to share a story can bring in millions of views, if uncertain whether to share a story-time, stand down until entirely comfortable. When posting the One Thing About Me video, use the hashtags #onethingaboutme, #superfreak and #traumatok to share on TikTok.

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