How To Install The Flying Car Mod in Cyberpunk 2077

One highly anticipated yet non-existent feature in Cyberpunk 2077's initial vanilla release was the ability to pilot a flying car. Given the setting of Night City and the high-tech environment of the richly designed world, many fans assumed flying cars were an established gameplay mechanic. After all, they already exist in specific cutscenes and the overworld backdrop as vehicles cruising high up in the metropolis canopy. Despite all this, futuristic flying cars did not make it into the final release; however, players still have a chance to experience Night City from the sky thanks to a Cyberpunk 2077 mod called "Let There Be Flight."


According to its official description, Let There Be Flight is a flying car mod for Cyberpunk 2077 that "enables a configurable flight system for all vehicles with custom thruster models, visual and sound effects, and animations." In other words, any of the existing cars within the vanilla game are now capable of both hovering and soaring across Night City.

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Such an ability enables Cyberpunk 2077 fans to not only appreciate a feature that should have been the game's initial release, but they also can use this mod for easier map traversal and as a quick means to escape danger. Furthermore, almost every building and skyscraper in Night City, like Cyberpunk 2077's Arasaka Tower, has been coded with a collision box, allowing players to fly their cars to the top of these structures and park for a gorgeous scenic view.

Installing Let There Be Flight Mod In Cyberpunk 2077

Installing Let There Be Flight Mod In Cyberpunk 2077

While the process for downloading and installing the flying car mod in Cyberpunk 2077 is straightforward for any non-modder to perform, it can be somewhat daunting for newcomers. Fortunately, YouTube content creator GZMods has provided the community with concise instructions on how to get Let There Be Flight for their game. For further details on the prerequisites, players can refer to the steps below:

Step No.Walkthrough Details
  • First, download Cyberpunk 2077 Redmod via Steam.
  • This "DLC" serves as the base prerequisite for other community-made mods.
  • Next, players must visit Nexus Mods and search for the Let There Be Flight mod on the site.
  • Keep in mind that other sites also feature this mod, but Nexus Mods has been established as a safe and verified website for providing mods for Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Click on the "Requirements" tab to view a drop-down menu of additional prerequisite mods for Let There Be Flight.
  • Download these files and insert them into the game's Root Directory.
  • The root folder can be accessed by right-clicking on the game in Steam, selecting "Manage," and choosing "Browse Local Files."
  • Repeat this process for the flying car mod for Cyberpunk 2077 as well.
  • Launch the game and enjoy the new feature of flying vehicles in Night City.

Source: GZMods

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