How To Get Zaouli’s Bane (& God Roll) in Destiny 2

Zaouli’s Bane is a brand-new Legendary Hand Cannon added to Destiny 2 with the King's Fall Raid. This Solar weapon is fantastic in both PvE and PvP. Zaouli's Bane comes with an amazing Perk pool, but the God Roll is one specific combination. Fortunately, this Hand Cannon can be crafted, allowing Guardians to customize their weapon. Those looking to add Zaouli's Bane to their collection will need to venture into the King's Fall Raid.


Hand Cannons excel at mid-range combat and can deal a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time. They can be associated with Sidearms but shoot slower than their counterpart. Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 make up for this speed with their accuracy and power. For Zaouli's Bane, Guardians will want to focus on Perks that increase weapon damage and help with Add Clear. While not mandatory, players will benefit the most from using a Solar subclass with this Hand Cannon. For example, equipping the Ember of Tempering Fragment will grant increased recovery to the Fireteam upon Solar weapon final blows, stacking up to three times. In addition, the right Perk combination will make it easy to maintain full stacks of the Fragment.

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Like all weapons from the King's Fall Raid, Zaouli's Bane comes with the Origin Trait, Runneth Over. Reloading next to allies will overflow the magazine, stacking up to four times. Unlike the Midha's Reckoning Fusion Rifle, Zaouli's Bane does not benefit as much from Runneth Over. The extra ammo is excellent for securing a kill, but the God Roll is not reliant on this Origin Trait. Zaouli's Bane features an Adaptive Frame, which makes the weapon reliable, sturdy, and well-rounded.

How To Get Zaouli's Bane (& God Roll) in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Zaouli's Bane Perks Intrinsic Traits

Zaouli's Bane has a chance of dropping from three different encounters in the King's Fall Raid. Players can get the Hand Cannon by opening the reward chests after defeating Golgoroth, the Daughters of Oryx, and Oryx himself. Earning Zaouli's Bane will give Guardians the chance to find the weapon inside bonus chests. All the Legendary guns from King's Fall can be crafted at The Enclave in Destiny 2. First, Guardians will need to find five Deepsight, or red-bordered, copies of the weapon. This will allow players to level up and make their ideal Zaouli's Bane.

The God Roll for Zaouli's Bane is Arrowhead Break, Accurized Rounds, Explosive Payload, and Incandescent. Both Arrowhead Break and Accurized Rounds will give the weapon increased handling and range as well as significantly control recoil. Explosive Payload is a fantastic Perk and is rarely seen in the first column. This causes shots to explode on impact, dealing area-of-effect damage to foes caught in the radius. Finally, incandescent has been a go-to Perk for Solar weapons since it was introduced with Solar 3.0 in Destiny 2. This makes kills with the gun spread 30 Scorch stacks to nearby enemies. The combination of these two Perks gives Zaouli's Bane a similar effect to the Sunshot Exotic Hand Cannon.

The reintroduction of the King's Fall Raid has brought some fantastic weapons to Destiny 2. While some are more effective, they are all great additions to the game. Raid weapons can be difficult to get because they require Guardians to complete end-game content. Luckily, Zaouli's Bane can drop from three different encounters, giving players many attempts at acquiring the gun. Guardians do not have to worry about missing out on this amazing Hand Cannon because the King's Fall Raid is not going anywhere in Destiny 2.

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