How To Get The Toy Train in Disney Dreamlight Valley

During Wall-E's Friendship Quest, "A Friendly Exchange," Disney Dreamlight Valley fans will be tasked with finding three objects: a Bowling Pin, Light Bulb, and Toy Train. To begin this quest, players must clear away Night Thorns until one cluster randomly drops a Memory of Wall-E handing a small and colorful Toy Train to Ariel, the Little Mermaid in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Since this event is random, it could be quite a while during an adventure before one can find this Memory.


After stumbling upon the Memory that triggers "A Friendly Exchange," players must speak with both Wall-E and Ariel to progress the Friendship Quest. While Wall-E can only express his thoughts through bubbly beeps and friendly gurgling, Ariel can distinctly recall that she and Wall-E exchanged a Bowling Pin, Light Bulb, and Toy Train in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, they are unable to remember where these items are due to the Forgetting. Therefore, it is up to the player protagonists to help the little robot find where these gifts are.

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Since there are no quest markers indicating where each of the items is located in "A Friendly Exchange," Dreamlight Valley players might have trouble locating the items. Fortunately, the YouTube channel GosuNoob has provided gameplay footage revealing each of their locations, including the elusive Toy Train in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For further clarification, players can refer to the index below.

How To Complete A Friendly Exchange In Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Get The Toy Train in Disney Dreamlight Valley
ItemLocation Details
Bowling Pin
  • The first quest item Wall-E is looking for is a red and white Bowling Pin.
  • This object is located in the Peaceful Meadow, specifically inside Goofy's house.
  • Players can know where his house is by checking the in-game map or looking around for a home with Goofy's signature green hat on the roof.
  • Enter Goofy's house to find the Bowling Pin sitting beside the sofas.
Light Bulb
  • The second item in the "A Friendly Exchange" Friendship Quest is a lit Light Bulb.
  • To get this object, head to Wall-E's home in the Valley.
  • His house is not a building but the Buy N' Large truck.
  • Inside, players will find the Light Bulb beneath a table.
Toy Train
  • Finally, one of the most tricky objects to find is the Toy Train in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • This time, players must enter Mickey Mouse's home in Peaceful Meadow.
  • While the house's exterior does not have any significant indications that it's Mickey's home, the multiple mouse-eared interior decor inside gives it away.
  • The Toy Train will be sitting on top of the dining table in Mickey's house.

After collecting all the items, observe the "A Friendly Exchange" quest's conclusion with Ariel and Wall-E to be rewarded with 700 Friendship Points with Wall-E.

Source: GosuNoob

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