How To Get Level 2 Charger Installation For Your BMW EV Via Qmerit

Following a partnership between BMW and Qmerit, anyone who buys an electric BMW can have a Level 2 charger installed at home. As more people continue to tap into the electric vehicle experience, some are skeptical about transitioning from an internal combustion engine to an electric powertrain. However, some studies seem to project electric models as a necessary part of environmental sustainability efforts. As a result, governments, including the US, have unveiled plans for a gradual but definite switch to EVs. This means that consumers will have to adapt to the typical EV lifestyle, which includes the task of charging.


Charging continues to be a major topic in discussions about EVs, mainly because there aren't so many public charging stations, and most EVs can only run for a few hundred miles before shutting down. However, that situation is likely to change soon. All 50 US states received the go-ahead two days ago to form a nationwide EV charging network. This plan means that people could see one charging station for every 50 miles they travel. This will greatly reduce wait times and increase the number of EVs on highways and urban areas. In addition, this movement affirms President Biden's stance on wanting more Americans to adopt a more efficient means of mobility.

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BMW currently offers two EV models for sale, the iX and i4. While the iX is an SUV, the i4 is a sedan. Both are admirable choices that compete with some notable names in the market, like the Polestar 2, Tesla Model 3, Audi e-tron, Rivian R1S and more. BMW claims that its EVs are designed for agility and excellence. Despite coming with an electric powertrain, BMW's heritage of high performance is carried on by both models. BMW EVs are compatible with the three charging levels, with users able to charge their EVs at home using either a 120V or 240V outlet. While DC fast charging is available in public stations, BMW EV owners can enjoy Level 2 charging, which delivers up to 30 miles for every hour the car is plugged in. Customers can easily install the Level 2 charger in their homes using Qmerit, which enjoys nationwide popularity.

How The Qmerit Installation Works

BMW EV near a charger

With range anxiety still a constant worry for EV owners, getting a Level 2 charger dramatically reduces the time spent waiting for the car to attain a full charge status. Qmerit offers two different kinds of installation services called Standard and Concierge. The Standard package involves submitting the provider's home assessment form online. After this, the homeowner gets paired with a qualified electrician who analyzes the project scope and submits a fair proposal. Qmerit also promises to provide customer support throughout the process alongside a one-year warranty on parts and labor used on the job.

With the Concierge plan comes a more personalized experience. Once a $200 service fee is paid, a Qmerit-certified concierge will guide the client through each process. This plan also guarantees that the EV owner will get a top-rated installer. Qmerit will also handle the permitting process for home electrical upgrades. However, the customer is expected to pay the applicable fees and confirm that the installer has successfully handed out the required licenses. To get a free estimate, BMW EV owners should visit Qmerit's online installation portal, respond to some questions and upload some photos. They'll get an estimate immediately after completing these steps.

Source: Qmerit