How to Find (& Defeat) the Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a fresh anime-styled action MMORPG with no shortage of various enemies and bosses to fight, and the Minotaur is no exception. This dungeon-ending boss can be fought early in the game and is an excellent test of a player's combat and dodging ability. While initially a menacing threat, players will have no trouble defeating this boss with correct preparations and expectations.

Like many of the bosses in this MMORPG, the biggest draw for fighting the Minotaur is dungeon completion and the experience gained from defeating it. However, due to its relatively early appearance in the game, it also serves as a good indicator of what stronger bosses will look like as the game progresses. With all this in mind, testing one's mettle against the Minotaur is a worthwhile challenge in Tower of Fantasy.


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Finding the Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy is simple. While the boss can potentially spawn in a Void Rift, players can reliably find the boss in Ruin B-02. The dungeon is located in the Banges, the forest region to the Southwest of Asperia's central continent. It should become visible while exploring the beaches to the west of Banges dock. After defeating enemies and completing puzzles in the dungeon, players will come face-to-face with the Minotaur as the final boss of the dungeon.

Defeating the Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy

Beating Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy

There are a few ways to prepare for a fight with the Minotaur. First, the Minotaur sports a shield that guards against offensive attacks; therefore, players should bring a weapon with a good Shatter rating to deal with the boss' defense. Next, the Minotaur also holds an ax with a long range for offense, so players should come in with a dodging mindset, as certain swings can even reach behind the Minotaur. Lastly, be aware of a special jumping shield attack the Minotaur employs in combat. The boss will utilize the move throughout the fight, and landing the attack will severely damage players in Tower of Fantasy.

Fortunately, the Minotaur usually indicates which move is coming next, making attacks easier to predict and dodge. However, in general, the Minotaur's attacks are slow and easy to read, so it's best to maximize counter-attacks while keeping a distance from the ax's range. Furthermore, it becomes imperative to keep distance when the Minotaur's health dips below 25 percent, as it will switch to an aggressive six-swing combo that's especially hard to dodge. Therefore, whether tackling this boss alone or with friends in Tower of Fantasy, proving one's capabilities against the Minotaur and future dungeon bosses will become easier.

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