How to Collect All The Johnny Silverhand Items in Cyberpunk 2077

Johnny Silverhand, the legend of Cyberpunk 2077 has left behind seven different items, allowing players to fully cosplay as the iconic Silverhand. These include a full set of armor, a pistol, and a car. Each of the items are top of the line in their category, and gaining the items will bring the player closer to Johnny.

Most of these Cyberpunk items can be found throughout one particular side mission called Chippin' In. Though a few of the pieces are things the player will have to hunt down on their own through Gigs. Either way, all should be able to be collected in Acts Two and Three.


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Chippin' In is a side mission in Act Three of Cyberpunk 2077 that players will gain access to after completing the story mission called Tapeworm. Players will need to try and side heavily with Johnny to unlock all this quest and all the items within. This quest requires V to meet with Rogue to collect more information. Early on in the quest, Rogue will give the player Johnny's Samurai Jacket. Johnny's Aviators can also easily be collected here.

Johnny Silverhand Items From Gigs & Side Missions

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One of the first Johnny Silverhand-based side quests that players will receive is called Parasite. This Cyberpunk 2077 questline deals with Johnny's backstory and players will receive the Tank Top. The two other items that players can collect outside of the side quest Chippin' In are part of Gigs.

AviatorsChippin' InThese will be rewarded to the player after completing the Chippin' In side-job.
Tank TopTapewormThis unmissable top is given to the players at the end of the Tapeworm side-job.
PantsPsycho FanJohnny's Pants are located in a pink suitcase, inside the bedroom, during the Psycho Fan gig.
BootsFamily HeirloomDuring the Family Heirloom contract, players will need to obtain a recording from a specific cabinet. Inside, players can also find and collect the boots.
Samurai JacketChippin' InJohnny's jacket will be gifted to the player by Rogue at the end of the Chippin In side-job.
Malorian Arms 3516Chippin' InAfter killing Grayson in the Chippin' In side-job, he will offer the gun to the player. Select "Take Weapon" to obtain it.
Porsche 911 II (930) TurboChippin' InSparing Grayson's life in Chippin' In will reward players with an access card that unlocks a marked container containing Johnny's Porsche 911 II.

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